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  • Jasmine N
    Jasmine N  a years ago +672

    Mike’s favourite words: beef, gelatinous, hot oil, chilli, hot pot, broth, meat, chewy, meaty, noodles

  • Just Sayin
    Just Sayin  a years ago +90

    Vietnamese guy: this my friend place
    Mike: this is your favorite place?
    Vietnamese guy: yea
    Asians misunderstanding other at its best

  • PLEXUS 21
    PLEXUS 21  a years ago +263


  • Shadow Run
    Shadow Run  a years ago +281

    Mikey and that broth have now started dating.

  • Kevin Le
    Kevin Le  a years ago +114

    Take clay to the US!!

  • VD says
    VD says  a years ago +101

    Ugh. Why don't you let me lose weiiiight in peace mikey.

  • xenoAM
    xenoAM  a years ago +82

    It's 1 am in the night and I'm hungry af while watching this

  • Michal Duong
    Michal Duong  a years ago +48

    Vietnamese people usually prefer chewy over tender haha

  • jdizzforyou
    jdizzforyou  a years ago +28

    Pashion fruit hot pot... another bucket list item added 🤤
    On a seperate note come to Chicago please! But first Minneapolis, they have a huge Hmong culture here (my temporary home). They have 2 hmong markets with food stalls and a Somali market I will be trying soon!

  • Boy Aditya
    Boy Aditya  a years ago +51

    "after everything I've ate, I'm still really-really hungry .." ~ Mike Chen :-)

  • Jennifer Baltazar
    Jennifer Baltazar  a years ago +53

    Clay is low key suuuuuper cute 😥

  • Sean Tivald
    Sean Tivald  a years ago +26

    Gonna win the lottery just to hire mike to go on a 3 month food adventure

  • Douglas
    Douglas  a years ago +7

    "have you been to the US? We don't have it"
    "You don't have goat meat??" 😂😂😂

  • Kate Mwariri
    Kate Mwariri  a years ago +21

    Non-gamy goat = female goat or castrated billy. It's possible that the restaurant buys only nanny goats. Like pigs, male goats raised for slaughter should be snipped at a young age. The hormones make the meat gamey. Thanks for the video!

  • KIM B.V.
    KIM B.V.  a years ago +69

    Hi Mikey, any plans of meeting Sonny from Best Food Reviews?

  • kay201038
    kay201038  a years ago +42

    Clay is a cutie! 😍

  • Lachlan Farah
    Lachlan Farah  a years ago +28

    Clay is cool, you should try feature him in more videos

  • noah
    noah  a years ago +17

    I literally only watch this channel when im eating

  • H Solomon
    H Solomon  a years ago +234

    Who loved dbs episode last night wowowoooooo 🔥🔥

  • Selina Moua
    Selina Moua  a years ago +14

    So, like is Clay single