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  • TheDrzhivargo
    TheDrzhivargo  3 days ago

    omg thats gud

  • Kyeong Lee
    Kyeong Lee  4 days ago

    😄😄 “sweating like the wild boar I ate earlier”

  • Cliff P
    Cliff P  14 days ago

    Mikey why don’t you have bottles that would be good for a meal with your contact information on how to order it. And leave it with the manager?

  • Madhurjya Kalita
    Madhurjya Kalita  a months ago

    Who films him while walking

  • scienz chic
    scienz chic  a months ago

    Dang @ 6:00 all that Vietnamese goat preparation looked amazing. Esp. the stove brought to the table! All the fresh veggies & herbs and the special sauces. Absolutely amazing!

  • Lyn Wilson
    Lyn Wilson  a months ago

    Love Pho! Yummy!!

  • bhanu prasad
    bhanu prasad  2 months ago

    kind of in it's natural habitat ?bro😂😂😂😂

  • Tony Gin
    Tony Gin  2 months ago

    But have you eat young buffalo?

  • Deborah Fauvor
    Deborah Fauvor  2 months ago

    Is roasted okra less slimy?

  • G
    G  3 months ago

    At one point I was asking myself, Is this Jackie Chan's son cooking here. Nice job on the video.

  • David Tang
    David Tang  4 months ago

    Vietnamese like chewy meats because we chew while drinking beer/liquor, makes the meat and drink taste better.

  • dgunn4fun
    dgunn4fun  4 months ago

    2am... I'm not doing too bad on my video count. I'm just hungry now.

  • De Tong
    De Tong  4 months ago

    Lol. That menu has seen better days!

  • Jacqueline Roley
    Jacqueline Roley  4 months ago

    I'm so jealous that looks so good

  • Anne Corey
    Anne Corey  4 months ago

    Mikey he love food go any where for foods and. Spicy foods the hotter the better he live is the. U, S, and. I,m sure he is Chinese guy very good speaking good English very well thank you for sharing Bless you

  • Sean Emil Dela Paz
    Sean Emil Dela Paz  5 months ago

    Oh yeah air conditioning! Nothin like Eating Hot pot in an air condition... Toink! Place at the Rooftop! LoL

  • Prayashi Kalita
    Prayashi Kalita  5 months ago

    Clay perfectly balances Mike's excitement! I love it! He seems like a little brother to Mike.

  • kalli b
    kalli b  6 months ago

    You would love how Haitians prepare goat in a dish called griot. I always thought goat was a superior meat cause I’ve only ever had it prepared the way Haitians do and I think everyone should experience it

  • caro caron
    caro caron  6 months ago

    Its impossible not to eat while watching Mikey !

  • Oskar Sverdrup
    Oskar Sverdrup  6 months ago +1