Can This Chef Make A 3-Course Meal With A Toaster Oven? • Tasty

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  • Published on:  Saturday, August 24, 2019
  • "Those taters look suspiciously good..."

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  • DIY-double
    DIY-double  yesterday


  • Crystal Yim
    Crystal Yim  2 days ago

    You should do air fryer next

  • Katelyn Cecelia
    Katelyn Cecelia  4 days ago

    Me realizing I can move into a cheap ass apartment and still be able to cook without an oven

  • Broomie Cat
    Broomie Cat  5 days ago

    I want to see alexis try to make something with hair irons or something similar
    I saw link and Rhett make pancakes before so I’d be eager to see her approach

  • Mangala Bk
    Mangala Bk  5 days ago

    U can use hair dryer

  • mango peach
    mango peach  5 days ago

    Scalloped potatoes would hv been easier

  • Hafiz Shayan Ali
    Hafiz Shayan Ali  6 days ago


  • BassGSnewtype Full Spec

    Can she make a 3 course meal with a soldering iron?

  • SETH 100%
    SETH 100%  7 days ago

    As amazing and fun it is to watch these, I do gotta say these videos are really great for those who are less fortunate and can't afford expensive appliances, like to show so many different creative ways to use different appliances and make some, may I say, BOMB looking meals, it is pretty extraordinary. ALSO being a broke college student who is getting tired of ramen every night, I'm so trying this.

  • lil R
    lil R  7 days ago

    witj a Waffel maker or sandwich maker

  • Jonathan Jon
    Jonathan Jon  7 days ago

    I have the same toaster

  • adam calo
    adam calo  7 days ago

    on thanksgiving the turkey took up the whole oven so i had to make my scones in a toaster oven and they turned out good lol

  • luca ioan
    luca ioan  7 days ago

    Waflle Machine

  • sweetdkinkycurls
    sweetdkinkycurls  7 days ago +1

    I love her reactions and facial expressions when things work 😁

  • Grace McAlpin
    Grace McAlpin  7 days ago

    Next time do a blow torch

  • Myra jidah
    Myra jidah  7 days ago

    you can do it with a hair dryer that would be more interesting

  • Ragne Sønstebø
    Ragne Sønstebø  7 days ago

    Just a tip on the aioli. One egg yolk can absorb aout two cups of oil (maybe a little less). When the aioli gets to the the thick point (almost splitting), just add a few drops of cold water. Then you can continue with the oil. And if it separates, just start over with a new yolk, but use the split aioli base as oil

  • Lydia Lemmo
    Lydia Lemmo  7 days ago

    It bothers me that she doesn’t make the dessert last

  • Audrianna Shurburn

    i am so impressed

  • Red Buluama
    Red Buluama  7 days ago

    honestly i aspire to be as bubbly and positive as alexis