Driving my Salvage Ferrari for the First Time Didn't End Well... Time for a New Supercar Project!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 1, 2019
  • Let's take the our totaled salvage auction Ferrari 360 Spyder on a quick drive and see if it can help with our electrical issues. Special thanks to Ferrparts: https://ferrparts.com/Subscribe to Vtuned Youtube: https://goo.gl/e32Qe9Vtuned Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vtuned/Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samcracc/Email Me: [email protected]: SamcracPO Box 713Odessa, FL 33556


  • YOUNG 'N GRATEFUL  1 months ago

    It’s the immobilizer bro. I owned two 360’s - it’s 10000000000% the immobilizer. 👌🏻

  • anthony damico  15 days ago

    @Jimmy Andersson it's like a penis only cleaner

  • Kurt G  18 days ago

    that's a pretty POS thing to say...

  • Phil John  1 months ago

    I think that smoke means a new pope has been elected ... but don't quote me on that.

  • frenchtickler123  29 days ago

    "I think that smoke means a new pope has been elected"- Phil John, 2019

  • Gary Johnson  1 months ago

    @Patrick Schröder oil...but then you have to check the hue.....!

  • Sith Acolyte  1 months ago

    Ferrari: throws engine codesMe: sorry I don’t speak Italian

  • Dick Fitswell  1 months ago

    Jesus, 4 videos and I still dont know if it drives

  • Theodore Marakas  28 days ago

    Waste of time. This is the last time I’m watching anything of his. It is like the Kardashian soap opera. Endless nonsense

  • Racial Slur  1 months ago

    He’s milking y’all, wake up.

  • Bruce Lee  1 months ago

    It not the immobilizer disarming the body control module. I dealt with this very issue. When battery goes dead the computers need to be adapted. Read below, as procedure to do a full reset of computers and immobilizer computer.There is a hidden switch in the front compartment on the left pretty much the upper left hand corner of the front compartment (under the front hood) (when standing looking at the car). Turn it off, wait about 5 or 10 minutes, then turn it back on. That will clear any data s...

  • Julian Potter Music  22 days ago

    Screenshotting this incase I ever own a 360

  • Tanner Tremblay  a months ago

    I think it's a 1 and zeros software bullhorn too. Only fucked up ecus can cause problems like this on cars I believe

  • SZCZERZO KŁY  1 months ago

    'little smoke never hurt nobody: Hoovies famous bon mots

  • hawaiian robot  25 days ago

    can't spell Ferrari without F, I, R and E

  • Platinum Gaming  1 months ago

    Reminds me oh hoovies Ferrari

  • MrGnomerdoom  1 months ago

    That seems so awesome to be able to buy salvage cars and fix them up like you can xD

  • Mark Henry  1 months ago

    Why not try cleaning the interior and windshield and see if it runs better.

  • Ashcandy  1 months ago

    He needs some sticker or a wrap to run better.

  • Derek D  1 months ago

    Black custom wheels - “In my opinion they look pretty cheesy”“Silver” powder coated wheels with Twilight glittery accents - “In my opinion these look really great!”...must be #TeamEdward for sure...

  • Julian Potter Music  22 days ago

    @rand0mxxxhero I think exactly the opposite. Older Ferraris like these never looked good with black wheels, especially with a dark body colour like this

  • rick scriver  1 months ago

    Insure it well, buy a home on the beach in Miami, and wait for some flooding. It won’t be long.

  • John Leonardi  1 months ago