[Peaceful Relaxing Soothing] Lean on me - MONOMAN

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 10, 2019
  • Composed/Played by MONOMAN

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    Thank you guys
    I can keep making music because of you.

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  • Mason Saldana
    Mason Saldana  1 months ago

    I only read the first 3 comments while listening to you play and immediately knew what to do <3

  • Koper Kopet
    Koper Kopet  2 months ago

    Hmmm.... So relaxing... Your work really help me, thank you so much....

  • D Lor
    D Lor  2 months ago

    i love your music

  • putu benny
    putu benny  2 months ago

    Your music can buy me happiness 😃

  • Miu Nhok
    Miu Nhok  3 months ago +4

    In a rainy afternoon
    At a small cafe
    Enjoy the cup of tea
    Sketching the thing i love
    Wearing headphone~~turn on Momoman's music

    Aw....what a lovely, peaceful afternoon...

  • Trinity Love
    Trinity Love  4 months ago

    Thankyou Monoman for Sharing peace with us!!🙏💌💌 WE LOVE YOUU!!

  • Thành Phát Đinh
    Thành Phát Đinh  4 months ago

    Peaceful. <3. Thank you!

  • Blasian Beauty
    Blasian Beauty  4 months ago

    Peaceful ❤️

  • Neki Neki
    Neki Neki  4 months ago

    I just love everting you do ♥️

  • Kim Tae-Hyung Fan
    Kim Tae-Hyung Fan  4 months ago

    I cant believe you....So kind..I was listening to your music and i passed my test!.....Thank you so muchh......

  • Dalila H.
    Dalila H.  4 months ago

    A little late but still...music that soothes a tired soul...."membelai jiwa" as we call it in Malay...❤❤❤

  • 1alexandra12
    1alexandra12  4 months ago

    Keep making music!

  • Luz Amador
    Luz Amador  4 months ago

    Wonderful AND beauty músic thank☺️

  • Ruby Fenn
    Ruby Fenn  4 months ago

    My little daughter and i are enjoying this one sitting on our couch tonight. Thank you Monoman. Shes a big fan of your music!

  • 복주야My special diary

    너무좋아요 감사합니다

  • Alicia Nabilla
    Alicia Nabilla  5 months ago +1

    Your music helps me a lot through my anxiety

  • 투잡스tv 대리운전으로 인생역전 쓰

    안녕 하세요^^*
    노래가 피쓰풀 하네요^*ㅋㅋ

  • beyB rianah
    beyB rianah  5 months ago


  • Pedro Monteiro
    Pedro Monteiro  5 months ago

    Lindoooooo!!!!! Mais uma música inspiradora!!!!🤗

  • El Light
    El Light  5 months ago

    영상 잘 보고 있습니다. 응원합니다. 팝송 가사를 하나 올려봅니다. 즐거운 시간되세요.
    The old home town looks the same
    예전 고향은 하나도 변하지 않았네

    As I step down from the train
    기차에서 내리니

    And there to meet me is my Mama and Papa
    엄마 아빠가 날 보러 오시네요.

    And down the road I look and there runa Mary
    저기 내 사랑 메리도 뛰어 오네요.

    Hair of gold and lips like cherries
    금발에 앵두 같은 입술

    It's good to touch green green grass of home
    고향의 푸른 잔디를 보니 이렇게 좋은 것을....

    Yes, they'll all come to meet me
    그래, 다들 날 보러 오는구나.

    Arms a reaching, smiling sweetly
    활짝 웃으면서 안아 봐야지.

    It's good touch the green green grass of home
    고향의 푸른 잔디를 보니 이렇게 좋은 것을.....

    The old house is still standing
    옛집은 그대로 서 있구나.

    Tho, the paint is cracked and dry
    비록 페인트 칠이 바래고 갈라지긴 했지만

    And there's that old oak tree that I used to play on
    저 늙은 떡갈나무 또한 그대로구나.

    Down the lane I walk my sweet Mary
    오솔길을 따라 메리와 함께 걸었었지.

    Hair of gold and lips like cherries
    금발의 체리 같은 입술

    It's good to touch the green green grass of home
    고향의 푸른 잔디를 보니 이렇게 좋은 것을

    Then I awake and look around me
    그런데 잠에서 깨어 사방을 둘러보니

    At four grey walls that surround me
    사방의 회색빛 벽에 둘러쌓여 있었어

    And I realize that i was only dreaming,
    내가 꿈을 꾸었다는 걸 깨달았지.....

    For there's a guard and there's a sad Padre
    여기는 간수가 있고 슬픈 신부가 있구나.

    Arm in arm, we'll walk at daybreak
    날이 밝으면 우리는 팔장을 낀 채 (형장으로)걸어 가겠지

    Again, I'll touch green green grass of home
    난 다시 한 번 고향의 푸른 잔디를 보게 되겠지

    Yes, they'll all come to see me
    그래, 그때도 모두가 날 마중 나올거야...

    In the shade of that old oak tree
    그 늙은 떡갈나무 그늘 아래로

    As they lay me, neath the green green grass of home
    고향의 푸른 잔디 아래 내가 눞여질 때.......