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  • Published on:  Sunday, April 21, 2019
  • Here is a huge set of easy questions that 99% of adults fail to answer! Solving riddles on a daily basis is the fastest way to improve your logic, intelligence, and critical thinking. Both kids and adults can increase IQ by solving these brainy exercises! So, don't be shy and try these fun riddles out!

    00:14 - Who is his daughter? Can you solve this blood-freezing riddle before the time is up? Test your attentiveness and logical thinking!
    02:03 - Can you find the odd one? Boost your vision to the max and test your eyes with this visual puzzles!
    04:28 - Who is a woman? A set of visual puzzles that will train your eyes and improve your attentiveness to the details!
    06:04 - A blood-freezing crime riddle that will blow your mind! Turn on your brain and try to solve it before the time is up!
    07:19 - Here is a short warming-up riddle for your brain that will make you sweat! Stay focused and never take your eyes off the screen if you don't want to miss the mistake🤓
    08:42 - Which of the policemen are fake? Think carefully as your mistake will cost you your life. Wait until they give themselves away!
    10:32 - Who is the fake detective? Test your attentiveness and logic with these short visual brain teasers and try to find all the answers before the time is up.
    11:46 - Who is the woman? A portion of visual puzzles that will test your logical thinking and attentiveness to the details!
    12:54 - A tricky brain-boosting riddle to test your logical skills! Can you solve it before the time is up? ;)
    13:59 - Who is a woman? A or B? A tricky visual quiz to test your logical thinking and boost your IQ!

    TELL me IN THE COMMENTS which riddle was the most difficult for you to solve?

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