[ Peaceful Relaxing Soothing ] Meditation - Monoman

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  • Published on:  Monday, January 21, 2019
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    [Peaceful, Relaxing, Soothing] Meditation - Monoman
    (Animation by Puuung)

    In every happy moment, I know an inevitable shadow, the Sadness, is coming. So I tend to feel both sentiments at the same time. I made this tune in one of these moments.

    ☆special thanks to★
    Puuung for suggesting this great idea.
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  • Patch -
    Patch -  44 minutes ago +1

    I will be alright in time.

  • June June
    June June  an hour ago +1

    I love you mono

  • Hannah Yeung
    Hannah Yeung  6 hours ago +1

    Does anyone listen this beautiful song to do homework?

  • Quen
    Quen  7 hours ago +1

    I honestly was thinking of committing suicide not an hour ago. I was crying when i stumbled upon this again, and god, did the comments here save my life. This is the most beautiful comment section I've ever seen, filled with lovely people. I thank you and wish you all the best in life:)❤️

  • Phuong Anh Hoang
    Phuong Anh Hoang  7 hours ago +1

    I love the part when the cat plays the guitar and meows

  • Lisa Kraus
    Lisa Kraus  11 hours ago +1

    Ich liebe dich Nico Müntefehr

  • sal chang
    sal chang  11 hours ago

    Even if I don't know anyone in this world that doesn't make me strangers,
    Cause I got my soulmates,all over the world,
    Be peace,

  • ThatWeebooSierra
    ThatWeebooSierra  14 hours ago

    I was sleeping and my bf knows I love to sleep with music I woke up to turn over and he was leaving to work and he had this playing for me while I slept I thought it was the sweetest thing considering we’re falling apart :,)

  • Neny Agustina Adamuka


  • Sasi thorn
    Sasi thorn  15 hours ago

    I like this song.

  • ellie
    ellie  15 hours ago

    I love the cat! It looks warm and happy I hope it is a happy cat

  • Ariel Lopez
    Ariel Lopez  16 hours ago

    there is sound 'on the back' very annoying. like those called binaural sounds....

  • light catcher
    light catcher  16 hours ago +2

    "i love him."

    that's all i know.
    But everything seems against us.
    i feel lost, like a feather on raged ocean.
    I just wanted peace.

  • Bal ABB
    Bal ABB  17 hours ago

    Im in the 1st year of the university, i wanna be a doctor but i dont think i can do it

  • Bal ABB
    Bal ABB  17 hours ago

    tbh i just feel sorry and endless sadness
    in 2015 , the person who mean the life to me, left me
    now I feel lost and " ? "

  • Bal ABB
    Bal ABB  17 hours ago

    I dont know what I want anymore
    I just feel lonely, dont want to do anything
    I dont even know why im still alive

  • nin_g_2639@hotmail.com ning0869964883
    ning0869964883  17 hours ago

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  • Gina villalba
    Gina villalba  18 hours ago

    right now working in the laptop while my dear cats are relaxing next to me :) ... just the perfect music

  • Jaboi Jiraff
    Jaboi Jiraff  19 hours ago

    I found this just before I came down with strep and mono at the same time this past August. I ended up taking an ambulance to the ER because I was severely dehydrated and would've been in real bad shape had I not called 911. I was in so much pain, I honestly thought something bizarre was going to happen, and I wouldn't survive this combo sickness. Every night, I'd lay in bed all alone yet completely comforted by my solitude as this played from my phone sitting on my bookcase next to my bed. I was facing my mortality, the end of my first ever relationship, having just quit my job that week because I'd had enough of how I was treated, I had to put my beautiful dog Emmy down after she held on strong for nineteen years. I didn't know what my future was going to look like from that moment on. This beautiful song helped me rediscover an inner peace I never thought I'd feel again, much less in the midst of so much change. It calmed me enough to sleep and gave me the patience to lie there talking out loud to myself hoping my guardian angel was listening and watching over me. I suppose she really was, because I have a new better paying job, an old friend reached out to me and our relationship is only stronger now, I may be receiving a kitten from my best friend's boyfriend, I'm going to write the first draft of my book next month, I'm taking better care of my health. I'm very grateful for this song. I don't think I'd be here without it. 💫