HOMME (옴므) '울지 말자' Official MV

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 1, 2015
  • HOMME (옴므) '울지 말자' Official MV


  • CaptainMomo
    CaptainMomo  3 years ago +197

    Why people think that Big Hit only have BTS as their artists ? 2AM debuted in 2008 and 8eight in 2007. They made what Big Hit is now. BTS only debuted in 2013. It's kinda disrespectful to their seniors. It's like thinking EXO is the only artist in SM when in fact H.O.T actually built up the agency.

  • lionourve 97
    lionourve 97  3 years ago +80

    bighit is an amazing company, saranghae bighit, they always do their best in represent their artist, not only bts, i hope their artist will be known both international and korean fans, homme was awesome..., if only people took effort to notice,aww

  • Bangtan Sonyeondan
    Bangtan Sonyeondan  3 years ago +136

    The song feels like an OST which makes me love it even more.. I love these kind of songs!! :) im a fan:)

  • dulce141
    dulce141  3 years ago +21

    whoever came up with the idea of putting homme together deserves an award seriously. their voices blend so well together, cant get any perfect than this

  • notpraise
    notpraise  3 years ago +68

    I'm not going to be surprised when some k-drama uses this song as an OST because this song is so perfect for breaking up.

  • Sly
    Sly  3 years ago +28

    Okay, off topic, but this is house goals. o:
    (Besides the hella long table for two.)

  • SugaVirus
    SugaVirus  3 years ago +55

    I loved it. I always love the artistry in the MV's coming from Big Hit, they know how to pick the right directors. HOMME's music <3

  • Ello Lee
    Ello Lee  3 years ago +14

    BigHit knows how to touch a heart with music.. Live your motto, BigHit!!! Homme fighting..! This is the chance, Bang PDnim, since BTS has dragged everyone attention! You should make 'them' stay by your concepts, arts and musics. When you hit the roof, always remember where your feet has been stepped on. ♡~

  • Kayleen Res
    Kayleen Res  3 years ago +71

    y'all really just gonna eat a plain slice of bread tho?

  • build-a-bear -bear-a-build

    I hope more people will start thinking of homme and not just bts when they get notifs from bighit~^^
    I really like this song and homme💟
    Homme Fighting! Bighit fighting!~

  • Essence Robinson
    Essence Robinson  3 years ago +96

    wasted all that milk...

  • itsmelue
    itsmelue  3 years ago +70

    paying tribute as a 2am fan.. will forever wait for the day they sing together again. <3 I used to be so excited whenever bighit released anything as that would mean 2am.. but... lol at me clinging at memories..

  • Ahye Cee
    Ahye Cee  3 years ago +39

    wait what happened did the guy leave or did he come back or wait why did they both vanish at the last frame wait what no BIGHIT WHY DO YOU ALWAYS MESS WITH MA FEELS I CAN'T EVEN--


    ARMY here to support HOMME!♥ Its such a beautiful song & the MV was really amazing!^^ ♥

  • taesticles
    taesticles  3 years ago +13

    This is perfection. BigHit might not be among the top three business wise but they surely are talent wise. Idk they always seem to leave me speechless.

  • Fall
    Fall  3 years ago +46

    Kookachu said me don't cry but I cried uhuhuh T.T so I can't get present from Santa Claus heol =))

  • Julia Parsons
    Julia Parsons  3 years ago +73

    That poor book...

  • BiWei Chen
    BiWei Chen  3 years ago +47

    The actor looks like a mix of Gray and Bang Yongguk lol

  • Kate Sparkle
    Kate Sparkle  3 years ago +11

    BigHit always trolls us with BTS. Now with this MV too? ASDFGHJKL

  • Jesusgal Hoshitime 10:10JohnnyNCTzen

    Huh namhoon made me think of Kim Namjoon at first :p even though their names aren't exactly same names