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  • Published on:  Saturday, May 5, 2018
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    The Vox video team is:

    Executive Producer JOE POSNER
    Senior Editorial Producer JOSS FONG
    Managing Producer VALERIE LAPINSKI
    Art Director DION LEE
    Story Editor MONA LALWANI
    Story Editor ELLEN ROLFES
    Senior Producer ESTELLE CASWELL
    Senior Producer A.J. CHAVAR
    Senior Producer PHIL EDWARDS
    Senior Producer JOHNNY HARRIS
    Senior Producer LIZ SCHELTENS
    Multimedia Producer GINA BARTON
    Multimedia Producer MALLORY BRANGAN
    Multimedia Producer SAM ELLIS
    Multimedia Producer CHRISTOPHE HAUBURSIN
    Multimedia Producer COLEMAN LOWNDES
    Multimedia Producer KIMBERLY MAS
    Multimedia Producer CARLOS MAZA
    Multimedia Producer DANUSH PARVANEH
    Multimedia Producer DEAN PETERSON
    Multimedia Producer MAC SCHNEIDER
    Multimedia Producer CARLOS WATERS
    Foreign Video Researcher CHRISTINA THORNELL
    Video Production Coordinator ASHLEY SATHER
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