#LionelNation🇺🇸Immersive Live Stream: What Will Assange Say Before Congress?

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  • Published on:  Friday, August 10, 2018
  • Look. The Statue of Liberty in the Harbor.


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  • James Robert Seidel
    James Robert Seidel  a years ago +1

    Sir, I hope to hear you as the announcer for hitlerys live execution....

    what really happened, at the [former solar firm solyndra ]from san jose, the thailand, compound
    / where black v-22s bunches of them, flew in and landed, then took off with 200 mil in gold.
    why did the pedo at google # 2 just quit ?????
    huh huh ???? nudge nudge weirdos, sick pedos.....

    what about muleass and his uranium he took for hitlery to mommas russia
    so, are the facts really fibs, as in department of f i b, bout those numerous
    boxes n files, doj swine took from arkansas, say what did happen at mena airport
    and bj billy pilot buddies when he was slumming the state as gov n or, i thought
    he had enough little girls from hati, i just dunno wuz these pedos r about.

    so many beautiful women in europe, none of them here anymore since
    the fat ones came and eat every hot decent babe around.........scary

    anywho, would ya save me a seat when hitlery gets wacked for good......
    i just wanta yell BUILD THE WALL
    ANTIFASS, don'T mean a dang thane.....

    and also cuming to yer neighborhood, deblassz 'o' gets punked live in NEW YORK EPISODE 2


    for yer info, i
    proudly washed 2 big 747s over in MIAMI, when the DEA really worked during the 1990s which were operated by our great embassy front for CRIME INC - had a padlock with a passcode to get on the tarmac - no guards, just me, myself and i- LONG LIVE THE USA

    All embassy outposts are a front....
    now a part of the fib group and demonscrap, and shits cia idiots.

    when i worked for the AGENCY, they were great guys, decent, to an extent..

    no checks bouced, had to chase down my handler, ,2 get paid, THE TEAM WUz
    none of this whinney playing with water crap, they were real AMERICANS...now just
    hitlerite losers

    n is dat
    a back brace- besides the ankle monitor hitlery now wears,
    like dat pos loser in arizona after his recent stroke wears too?

    so many questions, were 2 begin/

    TRUMP / PENSE 2020

    iVANKA 2024


    eliminate all loser nfL knee bitchez, deport off antifass, to mars via musk
    after the prison sentence for insider trading

    bezos and zuk are pos [ that IS nice worDs for doggy n horse poop ]

    ya just know all dat inter breeding cant be fixed with their bad blood
    whoooo would have figured ... i mean really...all that moola and no heirs.........

    did i wake up anyone, 'q' or ' r ' or maybe Mr. Peabody ?

    did i offend any slugs zombies ? If not, tell me, i'll try harder

  • ajc713
    ajc713  a years ago

    Q at MickeyD's Drivethru: Richter Scale Hilarious. SMH!

  • StarSeed
    StarSeed  a years ago

    The "Russian Bots" are demanding discovery, trolling mueller to actually produce SOME evidence.

  • kjo maddog
    kjo maddog  a years ago

    Oh they didn't disappear...they put on. different clothes. What ever Georgie Soros says is what morphs them at his direction

  • alex leonard
    alex leonard  a years ago

    B"H... Let's get McCarthyism back in and get rid of all this anti-American crap

  • SLO 51 FIFTY
    SLO 51 FIFTY  a years ago

    Green wasn’t before, but, now .....he’s gotten too damn big for his pants. He fancies himself to be so damn cool. His intellect has lead him down a dark path!

  • stephanie clague
    stephanie clague  a years ago

    TV Dinner Patriotism, its easy and its lazy and ready made with no work required.

  • Donald Reed
    Donald Reed  a years ago

    What Juilan Assange meeting with Congress will be behind closed doors and a gag order will be put into place if he wants a Pardon. We will never know the truth of the meeting

  • Robert Burdoff
    Robert Burdoff  a years ago

    can't help thinking regardless of what Trumps true intentions might be, the deep state is already grooming the next Jack Ruby :(

  • Pasty White
    Pasty White  a years ago

    Ninety minutes of Michael LeBron? Who in their right mind -- and employed -- would spend 90 minutes listening to this bullshit? This is a person who ENJOYS the sound of his own voice. He's a joke. He's basically a loser sitting on a couch (a chair with a cushion -- hilarious) rambling incoherently. Turn him off. There are so many interesting people on YouTube (or the Infowars app). Screw Michael LeBron. At the very least Unsubscribe to protest his total silence over Alex Jones. LeBron is a douche. JC. He claims to be a NYC lawyer. He's a gasbag. And a MIDGET. A vegan midget. Coincidence? Move on, people. Nothing to see here.

  • Daniel Duerst
    Daniel Duerst  a years ago +1

    You have to understand Lionel, deep down he really hopes Q is real, whoever Q is, cause Q represents what we are all hoping for!! A bunch of thugs get n charged for treason yeah!!

  • kirkplane
    kirkplane  a years ago

    I know the one Demonrats are using shibboleth is "AT THE END OF THE DAY" is their most used except the buzz phrases!

  • Robin Anderson
    Robin Anderson  a years ago

    This vulva thing goes back centuries, in architecture many churches were adorned with entrances called "shiela na gigs"!!

  • Robin Anderson
    Robin Anderson  a years ago


  • Robert Enrich
    Robert Enrich  a years ago

    pump enough air in a balloon and it will burst. tic tock, tick tock, BOOM

  • Maui Gal
    Maui Gal  a years ago

    Mueller may have been turned & is obeying Trump

  • michele gramz
    michele gramz  a years ago

    So how do you get rid of a wasps nest???

  • no i am gunner
    no i am gunner  a years ago

    I'm a subjective cue and 44000 and possibly more sealed indictments I don't care how or who does it I grew up in the 60s looking at milk carton kids that were missing where are they do you think maybe this investigation will maybe bring closure to some of those parents

  • AR Frances
    AR Frances  a years ago

    All this Q talk but where is the substance, the content?

  • Bridget Coffey
    Bridget Coffey  a years ago +2

    Lionel, I love your rhetoric. You exercise my brain. I have to keep my dictionary close by.