Here (Alessia Cara Cover) (Live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater LA)

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 7, 2016
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  • bruh
    bruh  3 years ago +1571

    Petition for a Alessia Cara and troye Collab?😍

  • OhGoshItsGabi
    OhGoshItsGabi  3 years ago +1310

    When Troye's vevo posts more often than the actual Troye...

  • Daniel Lawson
    Daniel Lawson  3 years ago +1178


  • A J
    A J  3 years ago +898

    ORGASM TO MY EARS 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Chloë
    Chloë  3 years ago +199

    troyes hand movements and dancing is my aesthetic

  • Ryley Welch
    Ryley Welch  3 years ago +409

    petition for this to be on itunes.

  • descarnade
    descarnade  3 years ago +442

    Its time for me to die

  • isabel
    isabel  3 years ago +74

    "I don't need a boyfriend"
    Connor Franta dislikes this.

  • Jordan Cuffee
    Jordan Cuffee  3 years ago +6

    "Thanks for writing a kickass song Alessia" thanks for singing that kickass song Troye

  • elias.ruiiz
    elias.ruiiz  3 years ago +235

    He is my "happy little pill" he takes over my "youth" whe he sings it's like he's "talking me down" and I love his "blue" eyes and the "tutch" he puts into his music he's making me wanna "bite"my pillow and scream he's the "gatsoline" to my life no matter what his music is soo "fun" it's driving "wild" it's just "to good" for me I'm a "lost boy" without him I wish I could live in "suburbia" with him I would be in "heven" and frankly whoever doesn't like him are "fools" they should feel at "ease" with him so they should be "quiet" and enjoy his music if it wasn't "for him" this world would be lost. That's it thanks bye Ima go to the "swimming pools" and listen to the "foult in our stars" so yeah I'll be over "here😜"

  • Brianna
    Brianna  3 years ago +45

    0:31 the girl taking 600 picture bc me too

  • Maya Ella
    Maya Ella  3 years ago +160

    well now that my ears are blessed i can die in peace

  • Tahsin Oishi
    Tahsin Oishi  3 years ago +8

    who came here after listening to his Wild featuring Alessia? :''))))

  • Aaliyah’s camera roll

    Iam crying in my classroom. Why is this so beautiful.😂👌❤️💕

  • Austyne Florenciano
    Austyne Florenciano  3 years ago +5

    I know Alessia is a very talented singer. But tbh I very much prefer this than her version. ^_^v no hates love them both :)

  • editing tips ☾彡
    editing tips ☾彡  3 years ago +4

    i watched this one show in about 10 different angles already but i don't are i will watch this again

  • Thomas TV
    Thomas TV  3 years ago +141

    Is it just me or is there so many videos being uploaded to artist's VEVO channels today?

  • 0416ally
    0416ally  3 years ago +6

    Sometimes I like to listen to Troye right before I fall asleep, he's very good at keeping the demons in my nightmares away 💕

  • Justitia Nomen
    Justitia Nomen  3 years ago +4

    I would love to see this guy live. Too bad I'm in MS lolol

  • Sofia scales
    Sofia scales  3 years ago +5

    I don't need a boyfriend - yes you do troye! Well I meant you don't but coughconnorcough