Dark Spots and Melasma Removal Skincare Routine for New Mom Kâté!

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  • Published on:  Thursday, October 17, 2019
  • Melasma, a form of hyperpigmentation, can be really frustrating to treat! It's often triggered by UV exposure and hormones which is why pregnant women and new mothers experience it. In this video, Susan Yara and board-certified dermatologist Dr. Annie Chiu check out Kâté's skincare routine and offer tips to treat melasma.

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  • littlekawtay
    littlekawtay  3 months ago +405

    SO EXCITED to see this! Thank you Susan and Dr. Chiu! I am so grateful that you are taking the time to educate us. I’ve learned a lot from this series. I actually do wear SPF - my bad for leaving it out! BUT I didn’t wear it for years, unless I was going to the beach. This 3 step routine you’ve suggested is perfect for me and my lifestyle right now! I’ll totally splurge on a great vitamin C and work on keeping my skin hydrated. Thank you again! I love you both 🙏🏻❤️

  • Anusha K Murthy
    Anusha K Murthy  3 days ago

    Will these go away? OR are they permanent patches?

  • Liza Escobar
    Liza Escobar  7 days ago

    Oh oh...I'm breast feeding and I've been using a product with retinol. I'm new to skincare and I had no idea. Damn it!!! I've been so careful with meds and foods, but didn't think about the face cream. I got a bad case of Melasma with both pregnancies, so after this last pregnancy I've been using the retinol for that. Ugh...I'm so pissed at myself right now.

  • Joann B
    Joann B  7 days ago

    Great tips!!
    I have the same problem but have really oily acne prone skin. I know that age plays a factor as well but what can I do to eliminate the oil and large pores.???

  • Y G
    Y G  21 days ago

    Hi there me again. Just wanted to add what do you think of this product Meladerm for melasma. Theres alot of people that said it got rid of there melasma. Its got really great ingredients in there that are good for that condition. Now I myself tried the PCA pigment get, but that product really burned me and irritated my skin alot. So I dont use that. Now Im thinking of giving this Meladerm a try, since it says its specifically for this condition. Let me know your opinion on it . Would really appreciate it. Thanks God Bless.

  • Miss Molly O
    Miss Molly O  28 days ago

    Klaires freshly juiced vitamin drop. It;'s very effective , affordable and super gentle and feels amazing on the skin.

  • Galato
    Galato  28 days ago

    Hi Susan and Dr Chiu. Thank you for this video, I have learned a lot from this channel. I would like to know what skincare routine you could suggest for someone who is 53 yo with tiny some blackheads on the nose, fine lines under eyes, dehydrate under eyes, and marionette lines. Please choose a routine with no Cerave and affordable prices. Thank you.

  • crystal F
    crystal F  1 months ago

    This is a wonderful great video and thank you Dr. Chiu and Susan for your time. May I ask both of you what type of eye shadows color that you are wear on (what brand name and what color), they are so beautiful and gorgeous looking. When you get chance could you please let me know? Both of you have a very Happy Holidays. Thanks!! Crystal

  • Gift Elias
    Gift Elias  1 months ago +1

    I think 🤔..Hmmm I think too

  • Kailani BTS
    Kailani BTS  1 months ago

    Susan’s expression says it all

  • Sophia P
    Sophia P  1 months ago

    But how do you reapply spf over makeup?

  • Sochoela Sherpa
    Sochoela Sherpa  1 months ago

    Hello Suzan I am 38 and I tried to use vitamin c for couple of times but it seems to only worsened my skin texture ..it some how darkened my melasma so plz suggest me with this.. i am Asian and have been using cosmedica vitamin c serum..

  • datGreekgal
    datGreekgal  1 months ago +1

    Did anybody else notice how weirdly her lips move when she speaks?

  • Alma Bayawa
    Alma Bayawa  1 months ago

    Segi ug tabi oi

  • Sacred Sight Energy Healing

    I mean... for not being into skin care til now she looks great!

  • Briana Thompson
    Briana Thompson  1 months ago +3

    Susan, i know you said you don't necessarily loooove The Ordinary, but you have recommended their products is the past. How would you feel about her using The Ordinary's L Ascorbic Acid Powder with a humenctant light using one of their hydrators or oils as a conductor. That way she'd get Vitamin C and moisture.

    I'm still learning but I have that powder and resveratrol/squalane serums, and I just wondered what you thought.

    Love y'all!

  • chi udeh
    chi udeh  1 months ago +2

    I love Dr Chiu, her recommendations are awesome

  • Sara Keskitalo
    Sara Keskitalo  2 months ago +2

    Could you please look into the Kicks skincare line, especislly the vitamin c and its ingrefients? I think the serums are pretty affordable (if they are good ones) but I dont personally have enough knowledge to know if theyre worth the buy or not

  • Dynamite Dynamite
    Dynamite Dynamite  2 months ago

    Try adapalene retinoid 0.1%

  • Fm Naveed
    Fm Naveed  2 months ago

    For melesma, i am using hydroquinone and also Neostrata pigment controller , after 2 weeks, let me say i definitely see a difference. As its recomended for a bit longer, i am hopeful.