Channel Update Goonzquad Brought me their zl1

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  • Published on:  Sunday, October 21, 2018
  • Welcome back to the vtuned Channel today I’m showing you guys my current builds and my previous builds.
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    2018 camaro zl1 frame work


  • Haynesy From Australia
    Haynesy From Australia  21 days ago +2

    I found you from Goon squad. Can I get 1 like to bring me luck.

  • Charlie Barnard
    Charlie Barnard  4 months ago

    love e46 m3 bad ads car's

  • Local vibes
    Local vibes  4 months ago

    Amazing videos I’m a big fan , my dream to make a similar Garage down here in Dubai , Keep up the great work guys 👍🏻💪

  • Rock J
    Rock J  4 months ago

    I'm in New York and I'm trying to buy my first salvage car I want a CRV for my family 2012 and up can you help me with that I heard that New York is pretty hard to get that inspection

  • Rock J
    Rock J  4 months ago

    Does your state give you a hard time when you are going for your inspection for your clearance for your title

  • FirasYT Games
    FirasYT Games  6 months ago +1

    damn vtuned man dude ur awesome! i came from goonz

  • Robert Mitchum
    Robert Mitchum  7 months ago

    To be such young man you have some mad skills of a 40 year veteran of the business keep learning an growing you got along way to go in life ten years from now you are really going to blow people's minds with your skills

  • 2crazy2behere The Purger

    Not bad he got it on the lift with out the red bull spilling...💪🏽✊🏽✊🏽👊🏽👊🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

  • BRANSEN 360
    BRANSEN 360  7 months ago

    Time travel for the truck

  • Todd R
    Todd R  9 months ago

    I really like your blue truck. Was it a stolen recovery or accident victim?

  • jun lizada
    jun lizada  10 months ago

    VTuned garage and Goonzquad SQUADRON are the best vlog and ived always watching. Keep it up SQUADRON(Vtuned garage/Goonzquad).

  • charif guercif f ghorba

    nice job bro

  • Liz Ituarte
    Liz Ituarte  11 months ago

    What city is this?

  • live and let live
    live and let live  a years ago +1

    I think they're in a fight now or something 😥

  • Baldhead Thompson
    Baldhead Thompson  a years ago

    Proud of you youngsters, GoonSquad an vtuned y'all got your shit together. Nice work as well.

  • CreoleIndianEagle
    CreoleIndianEagle  a years ago

    Ben, I have a question I have a 2010 Charger R/T with quarter panel damage that has caused my back doors and trunk to not close flush! Just wondering if having the quarter pulled fix the problem or will it be more extensive than that?

  • Максим Лавроненко

    You are from Ukraine?

  • IraqiSniper107
    IraqiSniper107  a years ago

    Great Work!

  • SickBoyExtremeBaggers

    Did u do frame work on Goonsquads Z06?

  • pupbiking
    pupbiking  a years ago

    Lol that car will High Center on a Car Turd