Aggressive German Shepherd attacks trainer during aggressive behavior training

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 8, 2019
  • In this video, Dangerous German Shepherd attacks trainer during aggressive behavior training Thomas uses a training pole to deal with Dangerous aggressive german shepherd. This dog continually try to attack Thomas during this training session. Thomas walks you through how to deal with a dog of this size and aggression level. Do not attempt to deal with a dog with this level of aggression without professional assistance.
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  • Upstate Canine Academy
    Upstate Canine Academy  6 months ago +450

    Thanks, everyone for watching and all the positive feedback with this case! Remember this was a basic behavior evaluation to really show the owner the capabilities of this dog. The hope for me was to see if Scott would ever back down if someone didn't back down from him after he growled and lunged. Its also crucial you understand this was the 3rd or 4th session of the temperament test with Scott which we did not film as he had 0 reactivity until this session once we started to touch his collar. The room was filled with mutiple professional trainers observing the process. The catchpole was used to simply keep me safe as he lunged at me, the training for most dog trainers and actually one of the only things you can do if a dog this big is directly coming at you is to pull up and tighten the leash until the dog disengages. I did not want to continue to use that amount of continuous force on Scott. The catchpole did exactly what it was invented for, keep me safe. Lastly, 10 minutes after this video the muzzle came off and Scott was taking treats right out of my hand with no problem. you can watch that here! SO in conclusion, thank you for watching, I hope this insight gives you a better idea of what's going in this video!

  • Ronny Paul
    Ronny Paul  an hour ago

    Cheaper to put the dog down and start over with another. Preferably NOT a rescue.

  • Temjen Aier
    Temjen Aier  23 hours ago


  • Lindsay Green
    Lindsay Green  yesterday

    Its hard to do i know but its time to shoot that dog.

  • Willie Moreno
    Willie Moreno  3 days ago

    I hope that dog was rehomed, not many people that should be allowed to own him.

  • Jp Gauthier
    Jp Gauthier  4 days ago

    I know a dog exactly like this german sheperd and you exactly pointed out what i believe happend to him. It's a rott and the way you are aproching this is so nice. It's a perfect way to know boundary. sadly it take a lot of time and poeple rarely have enough time to reeducate a dog like this compare to the safety of poeple if the dog ever get loose for any reason.

  • Andree st-jean
    Andree st-jean  4 days ago

    Wow!! You sir have earned my respect !!! I would have shit my pants when the muzzle fell !! The Amazing work and insane amount of PATIENCE you have is highly appreciated by the owners of these dogs with crazy behavioral problems!!! Probly saving many of these dogs from being euthanized.

  • Sean Broodryk
    Sean Broodryk  5 days ago

    good day

    I know this video is more than 6 months. I have a question.
    I have a Labrador black about 2 years old. Was a rescue dog. Dogfighting. I got him on about 9 to 12 weeks old.

    Very loveable dog. Wants to be with me or see me at all times. He sleeps on the beds with us and sits on the couches with us. He never bites anyone IF HE knows you or trusts you.
    But when a friend or family member or even child he isn't used to he wants to attack or bite them.

    Is that normal or is it not. What I have read and heard is that black labrador is very very protective over his family. He listens to my commands. Up to a point but he has never tried to bite anyone of us who lives with him or knows. He was always calm when we walk with leach in the shop no problem. And suddenly he didn't allow anyone to touch him or pet him. It got to a point that we got a muzzle to help with this. And to teach him to accept the Gardner and domestic worker. He loves them now and even protects them.

    Is it normal or is there any way I can get this out of him?

    Before I forget I live in South Africa

  • oquatanginwan
    oquatanginwan  5 days ago +2

    Don’t give affection when he’s in that state!

  • Sésame & Twix
    Sésame & Twix  5 days ago


  • RickJason
    RickJason  5 days ago

    You seem confused. You are establishing dominance, whatever you call it.

  • Missie K.
    Missie K.  5 days ago

    I had a Male Shepherd that was a dominant and extremely intelligent. I put him thru obedience school in Germany because I KNEW I was in over my head. Lol
    My instructor and I were so impressed by how fast he learned. His dominance could really have been an issue. She recommended I put him thru every course I could. So I did. Search & Rescue, extreme obedience courses, Service dog (he acted as a seeing eye dog for me for 4 months following an eye infection), anything I could get him into. But once we found Guard dog training, it was over. He took to it immediately. I had to work with him a couple hours a day, 7 days a week. But it allowed his dominance have an outlet, his intelligence to truly blossom and his relationship with my family, especially my kids, was so unforgettable. Best dog I've ever had, hands down.

  • Dona Kozmaqi
    Dona Kozmaqi  6 days ago

    This video just upsets me , if you don’t have balls to stand up to your dog and show him who the owner is then you don’t deserve a dog !!! I have a German Shepard and his protective of his bones he could bark and growl all he wants , but he’ll back off once I tell him to and I could take it from underneath him . It’s called being the Alpha and a good owner.

  • Skillzunderrated j

    Will my Doberman be like this if I get it raise it and Trin it when it’s a puppy?

  • parkour uzumaki
    parkour uzumaki  7 days ago

    I wonder how did they put on that mouth strap?????

  • v1antbo
    v1antbo  7 days ago

    Surprised NY lets people own dogs

  • Timerider
    Timerider  7 days ago +12

    Wrong owner. Just because you can get a dog like this doesn’t mean you should.

  • zaggaona
    zaggaona  7 days ago +6

    Sorry but if you're a 120 pound 40+ woman with a highly aggressive 70 pound German shepherd you should call it. Go get a chihuahua

  • 666 racing and gaming

    Inmediatly the wrong reaction never run from a dog like that it will always stay a danger to you , you have to make it submit , how? Thats your choice but DO NOT RUN!!! i trained quite a few of them i got attacked bitten soft spot is the nose if they really do bit you hit on the nose with some force not your full strength you dont need to actually hurt it just scare it , a puppy luke here in the video will be rolling on his back in under 30 minutes with me i train security , search and resque and police dogs... people that run never get their dog under control show a weakness and it will grab you eventually some maybe even right away ,

  • Hillbilly Trucker
    Hillbilly Trucker  7 days ago +1

    You need to take lessons from Cesar Millan