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  • Published on:  Thursday, June 28, 2018
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  • FBE
    FBE  a years ago +3122

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  • jackpot jimin
    jackpot jimin  a years ago +1956

    4:25 boombayah up in this mUtHafUcKa
    i am deceased.

  • Alb Xxze
    Alb Xxze  a years ago +2082

    gangster? wait till they hear them talk LMAO

  • the walking cringe monster
    the walking cringe monster  a years ago +5227

    "I bet people are learning Korean because of their love of Kpop."

  • jenifer
    jenifer  a years ago +3397

    you shold have showed them "playing with fire". That's a master piece!

  • V Soo
    V Soo  a years ago +5570


  • hails
    hails  a years ago +8974

    0:39 honestly my biggest mood right there.

  • LillyCookies DDAENG
    LillyCookies DDAENG  a years ago +3411

    Jisoo is QUEEN
    Jennie is babe
    Rosie is a cuddle bab
    Lisa is dance princess

  • Jimmie Tae
    Jimmie Tae  a years ago +751

    ANY BLINKS HERE?? I mean obviously...

  • وردة سيرا
    وردة سيرا  a years ago +6802

    5:08 mhm you ain’t wrong

  • Chiharu nightcore's
    Chiharu nightcore's  a years ago +1980

    I wish they showed the part where the phones were pointed at her

  • Lee Jaeyoung _Lisa127
    Lee Jaeyoung _Lisa127  a years ago +2583


  • Junko-Chan Despair
    Junko-Chan Despair  a years ago +936

    4:31 JENNIE FAN~
    4:45 Me too
    5:00 Possible Lisa Fan?
    5:27 Blinks intensifies

  • ୨୧ n a t a l i e ୨୧

    i’m so happy, since i’ve been supporting these girls before debut and stayed up for their debut. to get such positive feedback is amazing. i know there are a lot of negative comments but i’m talking about this video in particular. loves of love from a blink uwu

  • Zahira Amaniyah
    Zahira Amaniyah  a years ago +839

    Where are my Blinks at????

  • Kayla
    Kayla  a years ago +924

    "I bet people are like learning to speak Korean from their love of kpop" does she know???

  • Sibel Malikovska
    Sibel Malikovska  a years ago +786

    ROSÉ 🌹

  • Sanamana _
    Sanamana _  a years ago +393

    1:45 -really beautiful’— what the mv or rosè?

  • WellDressedGypsy
    WellDressedGypsy  a years ago +459

    1 year hiatus in the kpop entertainment industry is like 5 years equivalent in western music. Most kpop groups tend comeback at least 2 times a year and a lot of them tend comeback every 3 months

  • Jackie
    Jackie  a years ago +751

    I didn't like BlackPink's first songs but then Du Du Du came out and I noticed how talented the girls are. This album just made me appreciate the other songs more and have a new perspective