Restaurant Music 10 Hours - Relax Instrumental Jazz for Dinner

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, April 2, 2019
  • Want to play the piano like in this video but don't know where to start? Sign up for this easy to understand online piano course for beginner or advanced musicians at Skoove! The Best Compilation of Relaxing Instrumental Restaurant Jazz Background Music for Full 10 Hours perfect for elegant dinner!All links provided in this description are affiliate


  • Guy WithNoname
    Guy WithNoname  14 days ago +52

    Ive never felt so classy secretly eating a stolen box of pop tarts on my bed at 3AM

  • Designer Azevedo
    Designer Azevedo  1 months ago +255

    I was eating a banana. Now it´s " la banane flambée".

  • Cléophée
    Cléophée  4 months ago +588

    my cucumber salad became a hundred times more expensive .

  • la vie en rose지민
    la vie en rose지민  3 months ago +219

    We search for restaurant music on YouTube while eating all alone....
    What kind of people are we?

    JOJO TEACHER  3 months ago +327

    my home became a restaurant of 5 stars in just 25 seconds

  • Brittany Dawson
    Brittany Dawson  3 months ago +270

    My water turned into wine

  • Rachael
    Rachael  3 months ago +240

    Pizza and mac and cheese and orange juice is now exquisite....

  • With Love, CocoBean
    With Love, CocoBean  2 days ago +4

    I was playing restaurant with my sisters and I decided to play this now we're FaNcY

  • GRAPEshot_ 194
    GRAPEshot_ 194  2 months ago +87

    Here is your chili sauce sir, that would be $40

  • yall hear sumnthin
    yall hear sumnthin  4 months ago +177

    Yall out there eatting your fancy ass pasta while i dine with my fancy af stale ramen noodles and beer 😋🤤

  • A kid did some heroin And turned into me

    When you want a good day at the local expensive restaurant but your broke as hell

  • Tehilla Siboni
    Tehilla Siboni  7 days ago +25

    unlike 98% of the comments I am not eating anything, but .... I am working on math, and that's a mouthfull.

  • Señorita Dn
    Señorita Dn  1 months ago +112

    My ramen and soda right now tastes like a gold...

  • ChamblinC Films
    ChamblinC Films  1 months ago +76

    Putting this music on while eating alone is the best experience . This is self love :)

  • TwentyØneChemicalBoiz
    TwentyØneChemicalBoiz  2 months ago +54

    I’m playing this while newborn puppies are feeding on their mom. I hope they’re enjoying the luxury eating situation.

  • Isaac CHEUNG
    Isaac CHEUNG  2 months ago +143

    Ah shit, my cat just walked by my laptop and he stood up and asked for my order

  • Brent Edwards
    Brent Edwards  4 months ago +104

    Nice commercials

  • Mike Garcia
    Mike Garcia  2 months ago +28

    I played this Alone in my house made me happy, I’m a loner 😂

  • Jacqueline Helliker
    Jacqueline Helliker  3 months ago +62

    💝🎶🎵🎹🎷🎼Such beautiful music.... now why in the world would anybody dislike this ?!? 🍷🤔💭👎

  • aramanth
    aramanth  3 months ago +34

    "I think I will start with the English asparagus and candied walnuts, followed up by
    poached native lobster with a glass of chardonnay and for dessert lemon tart."
    Mmmmm…. got that from the menu for Le Pont de la Tour in London.