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  • Published on:  Wednesday, July 24, 2019
  • On the steps of Downing Street earlier Prime Minister Boris Johnson delivered an upbeat message of a can do attitude. But,

    Tonight Nigel is asking: Do you believe in the optimism?

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  • Bush Whacker
    Bush Whacker  5 months ago


  • Jayne Wilkins
    Jayne Wilkins  5 months ago

    There is no way I will watch James O'Brien, he is an arrogant Prig

  • Jayne Wilkins
    Jayne Wilkins  5 months ago

    Can you Imagine Labour, a leader as Corbyn and his loyal doer Diane Abbot hahahahahahahahaha

  • Mark Francis1977
    Mark Francis1977  5 months ago

    Super Boris. Hey he'll get more police people, spend more on our schools, invest invest in the most deprived area's of our Nation and a brexit deal on 31/10. Hahaha.The Tory's main thorn in it's side is the the DUP. I bet anybody my bottom dollar, anybody, we will NOT leave on 31/10 because under all this blustering the Tory MPs don't care about us, just their fat behinds in an unelected 'Parliament'. It sickens me.

  • Valkyrie Sardo
    Valkyrie Sardo  5 months ago

    It does make sense for Boris to attempt a deal, if only to reset the table. Boris must take the stand that UK is now a sovereign nation, ready, willing and able to set her own course come hell or high water. She has been so in the past, will be in the future, best to embrace that in the now. Should Brussels still refuse to recognize the fact and throws the dishes on the floor, then get up and leave the table. Love from the USA.

  • Paul Baker
    Paul Baker  5 months ago

    Unless the EU change their tune PDQ the new Prime Minister can simply instruct the Attorney General that no opposition is to be offered against the High Court Declaration currently being sought by Robin Tilbrook that all delays have been unlawful and that in fact we have already left the EU at 11pm on March 29 as per the Withdrawal Act. This will also serve to put in their place all those who oppose his efforts to implement the will of the people of Gt. Britain. I do wonder whether the reason the application was refused at first was in order to give Boris Johnson time to get into 10 Downing Street so he could then tell the anti-Brexit tory MPs that it was none of his doing but we are out anyway and they can stick there anti-prorogation efforts up there collective nether regions.

  • kevin aston
    kevin aston  5 months ago

    Just watched the politics show, again they show their bias towards remain so blatantly. That Lucas woman from the greens looked like the bitter undemocratic b....h she is, thought someone had died. Now they're moaning that Boris has got too many leavers in the cabinet........ nothing compared to the remainders may had. Sorry but you're gonna have to suck it up......leave won get over it.

  • Michael Mouse
    Michael Mouse  5 months ago

    So... Brexit Party do not, repeat not, win any Council seats in Gloucester nor in Hartlepool on 25 July 2019. What a shame.
    I thought it was the start of a big thing? Poor old Nigel...

  • John Anthony Fingleton

    The twilight is on the for the Brexit Party.

  • Ron Keelor
    Ron Keelor  5 months ago +1

    Can't see boris doing wto, Brexit party will get my vote all the way

  • Freedom is Everything

    Well done LBC you have actually managed to sync some audio with the picture at last. Farage for PM :)

  • Ian Parker
    Ian Parker  5 months ago

    for Fox sake

  • John Faram
    John Faram  5 months ago

    the irish backscuttle

  • Richard Grover
    Richard Grover  5 months ago

    what you got to understand the brexit party don't need the conservatives. The conservatives need the brexit party otherwise the conservatives are finished.

  • Philip Payne
    Philip Payne  5 months ago

    People need to watch this on UTUBE. it just might open a few peoples eyes. Bible Prophecy Happening now with Don stewart June 2019.

  • Johninjapan18
    Johninjapan18  5 months ago

    Not convinced. True orators don’t rely so much on a script written by someone else. Tear up the script Boris next time.

  • Men Going Abroad
    Men Going Abroad  5 months ago

    i cant read the comments. they move too fast. what pray tell is the point?

  • Weirdlyoneoffs
    Weirdlyoneoffs  5 months ago

    Great Britain needs some serious dollops of optimism. Brexit has really knocked people's confidence in the country. If Boris does manage to deliver Brexit, he might just do a lot of other good things for this country too. I would love to see the HS2 scrapped and the money put into vital services, but I doubt it is that simple now. I have a feeling Boris will do better than Theresa May.

  • John Wilson
    John Wilson  5 months ago

    Back in April when we had the local elections, there was a record number of voters who "spoilt" their ballot cards by submitting legitimate votes of no confidence. It sent a direct message to the Establishment. At this point enter Nigel and the new Brexit party. The design of this new party was to keep up the illusion of having an alternative party to vote for.
    Those that submitted non confidence votes in April, were 100% correct in their actions. If 50% of the population were to follow suit at the next general election, the parasites in Government would be no more. Parliament would be disbanded. The men/women of this country can then choose their own future with a Government for the people, or going it alone. This action is the ONLY way to change the political field. Voting continues your enslavement. Private Corporations masquerading as a Government, will always put their interests and profits ahead of what's good for the country.

  • Paul Fadden
    Paul Fadden  5 months ago

    This is Tory Long Con#2, because they eventually realised they were on their way to extinction with the Long "May" Con#1.We have been told Boris had dreamt of being PM since you are 15, there is no way he would have forgotten to respond to Andrea Leadsom by her deadline. He was told to stand down in return for getting in when May left. If Gove had stabbed him in the back there is no way he would now give Gove any position in his cabinet. I lent the Tories my Vote in the last election and they broke the Trust! When Boris goes for an election he will not get my vote, unless we have come out Without a Deal. He will need to make a deal with the BREXIT party!