BANDERSNATCH (2018) ALL Endings Explained (Including "Secret")



  • Cassidy Wichowsky
    Cassidy Wichowsky  55 minutes ago

    Can you stop yelling pls

  • nikos themelis
    nikos themelis  an hour ago

    The therapist looks like Princess Leia

  • Hawa Sankoh
    Hawa Sankoh  an hour ago

    I made the right choice killing dad

  • mikesgirl8304
    mikesgirl8304  an hour ago

    I wonder what happens if you go through it and don't make any choices?

  • Sloth Squad
    Sloth Squad  2 hours ago


  • Panwage Pennywhistle
    Panwage Pennywhistle  2 hours ago +1

    I didn't take the offer at the meeting.
    Just cause I was like, "Fuck you guys, I can't masturbate at work all day."

  • Khan Hudair
    Khan Hudair  4 hours ago

    Am I the only one who got 15 endings??

  • Mohsin Saeed
    Mohsin Saeed  7 hours ago

    Maaaaannnn..... U r amazing.💐
    Hats off
    So eloquent... It's like kinda impossible to summarize all this is a 17 min video.

  • Jade Alise
    Jade Alise  8 hours ago

    I was so confused when Colin died, Kitty came to look for him, and then when I went back from chopping the body to just burying it, he was alive again and no one said anything

  • Lunna Locca
    Lunna Locca  10 hours ago

    It’s like when i dream and sometimes i make the wrong decision and I die then my dream restarts all over again exactly the same as before except the second time I’m fully aware of what’s going to happen next and I pick a different route then live to see how the rest of the dream plays out. Happens to me all the time lol

  • Alli Ghoul
    Alli Ghoul  12 hours ago

    You really get to make choices in a movie?? I'm trying to learn more about black mirror. I have SO many questions. Is this a series? a movie? Is Shut Up and Dance related to it?? Halp.

  • Grant Lauzon
    Grant Lauzon  13 hours ago

    5:06 he’s a man child in the sense that he’s man that looks like a child.

  • Tyler Phillips
    Tyler Phillips  13 hours ago

    What happens if you don’t kill you dad

  • Sl0wp0ke King
    Sl0wp0ke King  14 hours ago

    I got the secret ending first try haha

  • Rasodori
    Rasodori  15 hours ago

    This "Movie" fucking sucks. Waste of time. Makes no fucking sense at all

  • Derek Curtis
    Derek Curtis  17 hours ago

    Wait, where the heck are you given the option to kill kitty???

  • Lose
    Lose  17 hours ago

    Who else says this video is too dam long

  • AllyCat
    AllyCat  18 hours ago

    I tried it multiple times and at one point I got an ending that I thought was the twisted ending but you didn’t mention it here. So now I want to know how many endings there really are. God damn.

  • Moritz Paul
    Moritz Paul  21 hours ago

    lol i have seen all of them in the movie....maybe i've spend to much time...

  • gangstalishis
    gangstalishis  21 hours ago

    I watched this on mobile and didn't get any of the interactions.