Can Trump really pardon himself?

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, June 26, 2018
  • We asked legal experts about the limits of a president’s pardoning power.

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    Take a look at the US Constitution and you’ll find that the president has fairly broad power to pardon individuals accused, charged or convicted of crimes against the federal government.

    President Trump’s use of pardons early in his presidency, some believe, sends signals to his allies that Trump is willing to pardon them if they’re convicted of a crime in one of the several investigations surrounding the 2016 elections. The president has also repeatedly claimed that he could even pardon himself.

    So what are the checks to a US president’s pardoning power and what does the Constitution have to say about this sort of self-serving pardoning? is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out

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  • Vox
    Vox  a years ago +203

    The full extent of the presidential pardon's power has never been tested, but there's a clear boundary in the US Constitution: pardons can't be used to avoid impeachment. Watch to learn how the process to impeachment a president works:

  • Jason Mathew
    Jason Mathew  3 months ago

    They are framing trump with Russia being involved

  • Wm.
    Wm.  4 months ago +1

    If the President issues or granted himself a pardon for federal crimes prior to being indicted by a grand jury or a congressional committee than he wouldn't be reaching the point of "except in cases of impeachment ". The pardon would be for whatever other laws he may think he broke. It would be very interesting to see a legal argument made to prove he had intent to avoid impeachment if he pardoned himself, his entire family, his friends and his staff the last day of his presidency.

    It would also be a GIANT "F*** You" to the Democrats as he's walking out the door.

  • Jude Lind
    Jude Lind  4 months ago

    A president can pardon anyone, other than in cases of impeachment.

    "Anyone" includes himself.

    Tale that, as you will.

  • Jude Lind
    Jude Lind  5 months ago

    Donald Trump can pardon himself.
    He can't pardon himself, in cases of impeachment.

    If their is a crime, he commits, that isn't something that would deem him worthy of being impeached, then he can pardon himself.

    If he embezzles some money and congress and the judicial branch don't deem it worthy of impeachment or cannot find a mandate to do this, then he can pardon himself.

  • Honda tahoe 1500 b.c.e.

    anyone here after Russia collusion was proven false

  • Paul Thompson
    Paul Thompson  6 months ago

    Trump 2020. U dems are salty

  • jpcyphers
    jpcyphers  6 months ago

    With Trumps first veto, he has successfully turned his so called "presidency" into a dictatorship. Putin is one happy camper right now.

  • Joann Oakley
    Joann Oakley  7 months ago

    Can they charge Paul after he gets a pardon

  • Rhinopocalypes
    Rhinopocalypes  8 months ago

    So why are presidents even allowed to pardon in the first place? It doesn't seem like there is much use for it besides bailing out people that the president favorites.

  • Dildo Baggins
    Dildo Baggins  10 months ago

    lock this POS up!

  • Vyoam Kumar
    Vyoam Kumar  11 months ago


  • Krusty Karl
    Krusty Karl  a years ago

    I came, I saw, I disliked

  • Jordan Montana
    Jordan Montana  a years ago

    Love trump 2020

  • Loving Abuse
    Loving Abuse  a years ago

    Hes faithful he can pardon himself. Faith is no equation to truth. he can't pardon himself if hes in jail.

  • Johnny B. Goode
    Johnny B. Goode  a years ago

    “Nobody thinks we have a Monarch” That’s wrong. I can think of one American who thinks we have a monarch: Donald Trump.

  • Haseena and Hassan

    Democracy in America is a lie you got a president who sexually abuses women and blatantly lies do criminal acts and then say he can pardon himself lol 😂 😂

  • czzted99
    czzted99  a years ago

    Liberals dont get it
    HE IS OUR PRESIDENT no matter how much shitty content you bring up.

  • M B
    M B  a years ago

    Pardon? HAHAHA Moron. You can not! Stupid president ever. 🙄

  • Never Again
    Never Again  a years ago

    Well, one pardon, as a result of this blasphemy, that should not be granted, is that of 54 by his successor.