Trump VS. Jong-Un VS. Zuma / Donald & Melania Are Fighting -TREVOR NOAH -There's A Gupta On My Stoep

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  • Published on:  Thursday, February 7, 2019
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  • Trevor Noah
    Trevor Noah  6 months ago +1214

    Thanks for watching! Subscribe & turn on those notifications to see ALL the videos I upload. What bit from one of my specials do you want to see next?

  • Jamerican Comedy Show
    Jamerican Comedy Show  6 months ago +2142

    Your accents and impersonations are wild man. Lol.

  • sweetboo1022
    sweetboo1022  6 months ago +1618

    Trevor never fails to put a smile on my face.

  • BalleohneBall
    BalleohneBall  6 months ago +1256

    Every time he imitates trumps voice I’m surprises Again about how good is it and his imitations in general💯

  • Adel Boushib
    Adel Boushib  6 months ago +774

    You are funny man, I wish I can attend one of your shows

  • Contagious Wisdom
    Contagious Wisdom  6 months ago +639

    "His wife smacking his hand away PHAAA" 😁 completely South African 😂

  • Kate O'Connor
    Kate O'Connor  6 months ago +338

    So refreshing to hear an intelligent, well informed comedian. Hilarious, especially as he always hits the nail on the head. Fantasy dinner party guest! 😂

  • Raj D
    Raj D  6 months ago +698

    Trump does not have to turn the lights on, b'cuz he glows in the dark.

  • Telisa Wright
    Telisa Wright  6 months ago +545

    😂 Gosh I love your Melania impersonation! Cracks me up every time! 😂

  • Mine
    Mine  6 months ago +696

    I love your zuma impersonation soo much it's hilarious 😂

  • Myriam Ickx
    Myriam Ickx  6 months ago +353

    Oh, this dialogue between Trump and Melania, I was in tears! His impersonation of Trump ‘answering’ a question with his usual mindless gibberish was excellent too!

  • RIXRADvidz
    RIXRADvidz  6 months ago +237

    here, help an old man up off the floor, I cannot catch my breath from laughing so hard
    the Trump Public Marital Battle is now open for all to see. Trevor, Bringer of Truth.

  • Bob Jeffery Gunners
    Bob Jeffery Gunners  6 months ago +308

    Bro, u gotta do more of these often.
    I know u are busy with the Daily Show & other things but at least put up the whole duration of it, Man..
    p/s: u are literally the ONLY Stand Up Comedian that doesn't use Profanity yet can still crack-up the crowd & I salute u for that
    ~ with ❤️ from 🇲🇾 ~

  • helena sousa
    helena sousa  6 months ago +112

    Finally I understand american politics .
    Thank you Trevor for making it clear .

  • Manoj Doogra
    Manoj Doogra  6 months ago +206

    Love and respect from India.. Excellent writing

  • Filip Tošović
    Filip Tošović  6 months ago +244

    Why you want free things in free things hahahahah KING TREVOR

  • Bokaj Grummel
    Bokaj Grummel  6 months ago +100

    Dude please come to Europe!!!

  • merry ghebre
    merry ghebre  6 months ago +208

    You are not only funny but also a genius.

  • Swamy Malgudi
    Swamy Malgudi  6 months ago +49

    This guy is going to be remembered for a long long time.
    So observant, such ability to analyse the world in an amazing way and present it all to the audience in incredibly hilarious way.
    People will someday look back and brightest of several generations of comics and satirists is going to shine out through the brilliant smile between those lovely dimples...

  • Aisha Mukaram sait
    Aisha Mukaram sait  6 months ago +81

    Love it 😂😂😂😂😊😂 u are a literature marvel... Love ur impersonation. TALENT at its best.. U don't have foul language, u have nothing vulgar in ur write up, it's pure comedy and sarcasm... Love it. Probably the only stand up performer with decent and family suited language and content.... RESPECT Trevor