NEW: The Sacred Riana's New Performance and Voting Information/America’s Got Talent 8/21/2018

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 21, 2018
  • Everyone go to or call 1-866-602-4809 and Vote for The Sacred Riana right now.
    Voting ends at 7 am 8/22/2018
    Lets make Riana our winner.


  • عيون المها
    عيون المها  14 hours ago

    دخيلك ياربي هم زين هل الموهبه مادخلت عدنة با الوطن العربي جان نجلطنة… كم عربي هنا خلي يبصم

  • Heri Hermawan
    Heri Hermawan  18 hours ago

    Why the video is so curious..

  • Riz Francisco
    Riz Francisco  yesterday

    Goshhh i like it very much

  • Ruth Alarcon
    Ruth Alarcon  yesterday

    Did she win this?

  • Aria Krisna Nugraha

    She is dope!

  • oscar Castro
    oscar Castro  yesterday


  • جعفر ابو فاطمه

    انها مخيفة جدا جدا 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Thaina Machado
    Thaina Machado  2 days ago +11

    For god's sake semeone takes this girl to church😨😨🙇🙇

  • Linda Sheldon
    Linda Sheldon  2 days ago

    This is [ probably ] what has been done to her / in front of her in ceremonies and is now being presented as "entertainment" for the masses. People are going down a deep rabbit hole. Whoever has used this child, needs to be investigated, in my opinion.

  • Huswadi Hussin
    Huswadi Hussin  2 days ago

    i like performance the sacred riana ...interesting and fantastic... that good for watching... congratulations awards 2018...

  • زينب احمد
    زينب احمد  2 days ago +1

    no way 😕😕😕

  • Longjam Kabir
    Longjam Kabir  2 days ago +2

    What happened next

  • pham vu
    pham vu  3 days ago

    Nho nay co ma nhap

  • for freedom
    for freedom  3 days ago

    we want a camera behind the box

  • yoshua prananda
    yoshua prananda  4 days ago +8

    2:56 it's javanese language which means, come with me, lets go to my world

  • Samet İsik
    Samet İsik  4 days ago

    Yeni bölüm fragmanı izle

  • Govinda raj
    Govinda raj  5 days ago

    Dogs :bow bow

    Ducks:quack quack

    Idiots and fools :


    My ass

  • Josh Bostian
    Josh Bostian  6 days ago

    Holy shit!!!

  • Sandra Chávez
    Sandra Chávez  6 days ago +2

    Like si te sorprendiste 😢😐😐y ablas español?

  • linda principe
    linda principe  6 days ago

    Que acto tan feo sin calidad