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  • Published on:  Friday, August 16, 2019
  • Watch the best magic acts on America's Got talent 2019. Checkout the best and the scary magic performance ever and watch Simon Cowell and the judges reactions.
    What did you think a bout their magic auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...


    ▶︎ Dom Chambers

    ▶︎ Sos

    ▶︎ Nicholas Wallace

    ▶︎ Eric Chien

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  • ッッKHALEL
    ッッKHALEL  36 minutes ago


  • Mr rendy
    Mr rendy  41 minutes ago

    Njir yang pertama sama teakhir keren

  • Gacha _Unicorn
    Gacha _Unicorn  an hour ago

    Last guy, he maked other side of cards turn blue he was taking cards under, red cards were up see closely..

  • Dagomont Montanez
    Dagomont Montanez  2 hours ago


  • YT Gluff
    YT Gluff  4 hours ago

    Loved the misdirection the first dude used

  • Zarrar Ali
    Zarrar Ali  6 hours ago

    15:53 u can see the guy putting his hand in his pocket and taking out the bottle

  • Diego Gutierrez
    Diego Gutierrez  12 hours ago

    El segundo acto estuvo preparado. Después de todo, she is an actress.

  • ganesh punisher
    ganesh punisher  19 hours ago

    15:55 watch it in slow motion 0.25 he took from his blazer

  • Nähwichtel Nähen
    Nähwichtel Nähen  20 hours ago

    girls face in the thumbnail gave me cancer

  • Athman Omar
    Athman Omar  20 hours ago

    Sell their souls to tha devil

    SWEET WORLD  20 hours ago

    Golden buzzer for last one

  • Данила Соколов


  • Katherine Osborn
    Katherine Osborn  yesterday

    WHere tf are the golden buzzers? They all deserve them! :3

  • Izey Fro
    Izey Fro  yesterday

    I swear I’ve seen that last one before but I don’t remember where. Also that 2nd one wasn’t very impressive at all idk why anyone bought it

  • Ace Par
    Ace Par  yesterday +2

    The last performer can be rich by making the cards turn into coins

  • Kihika Achumi
    Kihika Achumi  yesterday

    Card tricks are boring

  • Thabang Thabo
    Thabang Thabo  yesterday


  • Nm Nazmul
    Nm Nazmul  yesterday

    Asian guy's trick was very simple with good acting, speed and Clever table design. 20:22 he dropped the frame and pressed a button which instantly removed some black cover of the table.
    For two color trick he drawn one card from top and other from bottom.
    In case of card disappearing trick, the table was pressure sensitive. Strong pressure can open hole in some particular areas on the table.
    Front portion of his cloth had additional two layers attached loosely. He just removed them in perfect time by misdirecting audience mind.
    After all some of his trick were very impressive 👌

  • Catalina Bonilla
    Catalina Bonilla  yesterday

    Esas munecas me encantan.y por culpa de estos diabolicos hijos de zatanas a muchos les da miedo tener estas munecas todo esto es zatanico

  • All Trailer is Available Here

    Love from Pakistan to last man.