Binging with Babish: Rachel's Trifle from Friends

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 21, 2017
  • Check out the meal I made for GEICO's(R) Ad Lib Dinner Party here: a tastier thanksgiving, check out last year's Friends episode: residents of 90 Bedford Street enjoy a rich variety of culinary contributions from roommate Rachel Green - her traditional English trifle receiving the greatest acclaim, particularly from Joey and a lucky passerby bird. Go ahead and don't enjoy this meaty, jammy monstrosity this holiday season.GEICO(R): "XXV" by Broke for Free With Babish Website: With Babish Website:


  • Binging with Babish  1 years ago

    Sorry for the audio glitches in this one folks! Edited the episode on a flight from LAX > JFK > ROC last night, barely squeaked out the voice-over this morning! Happy turkey stuff!

  • Rick Sanchez C137  27 days ago

    Binging with Babish I love Pyrex, wish they would redesign their pour spouts...

  • Jason Almonte  1 months ago

    Aren't you allergic to bananas? Why are you eating plantains

  • Nuria rod  1 years ago

    Season with a bit of salt and season with a bit of salt

  • Bottles Jr  4 days ago

    *kosher salt

  • Firstname lastname  17 days ago

    S. A. L. T.

  • jan s  6 months ago

    it seems like one of those recipes from the 60’s that someone would add gelatin to

  • ursulajoni15  2 days ago

    ANd mayonnaise don't forget mayonnaise

  • Boomstick1911  10 days ago

    Or Spam lol

  • Jordan Biordi  1 years ago

    What's not to like? Jam? Good! Custard? Good! Meat? Good!

  • Joseph Bleasdale  1 months ago

    It tastes like *FEET*

  • The Creeper King  2 months ago


  • patch bof  1 years ago

    Please do marshals mums salad from how i met your mother

  • Shelley Bancroft  9 days ago

    OMG 😱 YAAASS!!!! LMAO! Poor Lily...that salad probably weighed more than she did, lol!

  • Rosat- San  1 months ago

    patch bof Or the mothet's SumBitches.

  • Brown Gumshoe  1 years ago

    When he added the custard on the beef I audibly gagged

  • Djek Jdje  24 days ago

    Ir sounds good wym

  • Jacob Fulmer  5 months ago

    Me also

  • MsStarcake  11 months ago

    Woah woah woah.... I thought he was allergic to bananas 👀. WHATS THE TRUTH ؟?

  • Flip Flop  3 days ago

    @denied thats different most people are lactose intolerant which is very different from an allergy

  • Rugile Geceviciute  1 years ago

    i love that he didn't edit out the spill of the milk, it gives more realistic feeling of cooking, that mistakes can be made, that not everything turns out perfect but it still can taste great

  • Basically Me  4 months ago

    *G O O D*

  • Dmack  8 months ago

    I don’t know about tasting great on this one.

  • spideyfan1990  1 months ago

    “I’d hope you wouldn’t try this in real life”Me: why do you think I came all this way?

  • lolpot  1 years ago

    Bit of a random UK tidbit!The show is completely wrong, this is not a shephards pie. In the North we have both a shephards and a cottage pie. A cottage pie is what Rachel and Babish made as it’s made with beef and beef stock whereas a shephards pie is lamb and lamb stock and obviously different herbs to compliment each meat.To serve you have the meat with mash potato on top, kinda like a two storey lasagna and to signify which is which you run your fork across the mash to create lines if it is cottag...

  • Dohers  6 days ago

    Sydney Milligram you’re right, sorry. Deleted.

  • Peachy Cream  9 days ago

    why can't everyone just get along? It's okay! Stop threatening each other! It's just the name of a pie! A pie! You are LITERALLY arguing about pie!!!! I expect this from the Supernatural fandom. Not the British and The Americans!!!!!