Weird NHL Vol. 9

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 12, 2018
  • Here it is... volume 9 of goalie gaffes, crazy caroms, jersey fouls, water bottle sniping, players and officials dumped into the bench, Dustin Brown taking the hat trick to new literal levels, T.J. Oshie celebrating on his bobblehead night and just your everyday accountant getting a period in net for the Chicago Blackhawks

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  • Pixelado
    Pixelado  2 days ago

    6:05 I was at that game go preds!

  • Mr.J Glokta
    Mr.J Glokta  4 days ago

    1:58 The puck should have gotten a game misconduct for breaking the laws of physics like that

  • Jefree Johnson
    Jefree Johnson  4 days ago

    I’ll never forget when foster played! Legendary

  • ZaxCal
    ZaxCal  7 days ago +1

    Greatest part about Scott Foster is he genuinely played in the NHL. He didn’t just ride a bench. He came out and did his job. So awesome to see

  • Rusty Ironloins
    Rusty Ironloins  7 days ago

    Bobby Hull

  • rip honey The Yorkshire 2017-19

    9:56 When you try Mikael Granlund's "high wrap" and it fails
    Worse once:D didn't seem to succeed:D PS. It's on everytime funny to watch NHL fails! I like these very much!

  • Lance Biggums
    Lance Biggums  7 days ago

    Came back for Scott Foster

  • Pixy シ
    Pixy シ  14 days ago

    Börje Salming is from sweden and me too :)

  • DubTheStreamer
    DubTheStreamer  14 days ago

    00:45 Blanket party

  • strawsincluded
    strawsincluded  14 days ago

    Basically a compilation of goalies that after an uncountable amount of games, slip up slightly. So don't be so harsh on them

  • Strain
    Strain  21 days ago

    scott foster litteraly the most legendary guy

  • Marlix Torrealba
    Marlix Torrealba  21 days ago

    Hey, I've been profiting off sportsmodelanalytics dot com and their advanced forecast models. Seriously the best $24 I ever spent

  • jamie heidman
    jamie heidman  21 days ago

    Scott foster is from the same city as me

  • Alex Christian
    Alex Christian  a months ago

    I come from the future. A 19 year old player for the Carolina Hurricanes named Andrei Svechnikov will score the lacrosse style goal for the first time in NHL history.

  • Ranked Clan
    Ranked Clan  a months ago +1

    0:36 u can hear someone spit water out

  • xray1337
    xray1337  a months ago

    Foster story was awesome!

  • BenXVariety
    BenXVariety  a months ago +2

    2:08 definitely my favorite one because i can relate

  • Kate Mauriber
    Kate Mauriber  a months ago


  • Ricci Choi
    Ricci Choi  a months ago

    This episode is simply Shaqtin' a Fool NHL edition (except Scott Foster) LOL

  • nicktube HD
    nicktube HD  a months ago

    4:32 is he crying