LONG NIGHTS [ Chillwave - Synthwave - Retrowave Mix ]

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 28, 2017
  • Have a good night.


    0:00 hello meteor - Breeze Bay

    5:00 hello meteor - Paradise Depth

    7:46 HOME - Intro

    10:49 L.D.C.N - Looking Back Once More

    15:05 Aljosha Konstanty - Discovery

    18:30 Lucy in Disguise - In The Shadows

    24:49 Emil Rottmayer- MEGA

    30:58 De Lorra/Augustus Wright - Slow Drip

    35:25 ESPRIT 空想 - esprit

    36:43 Iacon - 花園 whilst I enter these gardens

    40:17 80AM - SOMEBODY

    GIF by Kirokaze: https://cnclips.net/user/MyVisualOpinion

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  • P. luna
    P. luna  8 hours ago

    i needed such good mix , thank you so much .

  • gordonjohn
    gordonjohn  yesterday

    Graphics remind me of the game 'Flashback'. I'd love someone to make another game related to Flashback using these sort of graphics. Would be mega!

  • Grenm Da
    Grenm Da  2 days ago

    Its been a while since I enjoyed an entire mix by anyone, thank you for the good vibes

  • Lionsmith studio
    Lionsmith studio  3 days ago +3

    This one spaceship in the background never arrives on the other side of the builing!!!

  • Jacob Grtrx
    Jacob Grtrx  4 days ago +2

    I've grown a love for this genre from the intense but comforting nostalgia the tunes evoke. So good.

  • NapalmDawn
    NapalmDawn  4 days ago

    Espirit is an interesting reworking of The Message

  • J4CKT1C4L
    J4CKT1C4L  4 days ago

    [Insert Deep Comment Here]

  • Saucey Is God
    Saucey Is God  6 days ago +1

    I really love Vaporwave/Synthwave and such, it's just chill music someone can easily vibe out. It helps relaxing me when im under stress.

  • red cat
    red cat  6 days ago

    If you are a young, intelligent and mature girl, MARRY ME plz.

  • Rhuan Victor
    Rhuan Victor  6 days ago +1

    cadê os BR???

  • Kittycat
    Kittycat  7 days ago +7

    I too am standing on my balcony overlooking the city while drinking a beer and listening to this track.

  • - anova01 -
    - anova01 -  7 days ago

    Air Supply

  • Adler 33
    Adler 33  7 days ago

    15:55 <3

  • rafael marques santos

    put 1.25 speed and enjoy

  • Noble族
    Noble族  7 days ago +2

    Life gets better.

  • PushB NOStop
    PushB NOStop  7 days ago

    I'm fucking energetic as shit from coffee. I'm doing homework and listening to this. I think my brain is confused. I don't think it knows if it should be relaxed, stressed, or going off the rails.

  • T Racks
    T Racks  7 days ago


  • T Racks
    T Racks  7 days ago


  • blake martin
    blake martin  7 days ago

    Gives me a vision for a future worth living to see.