LONG NIGHTS [ Chillwave - Synthwave - Retrowave Mix ]

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, November 28, 2017
  • Have a good night.Tracklist:0:00 hello meteor - Breeze Bay https://soundcloud.com/hellometeor/br...5:00 hello meteor - Paradise Depthhttps://soundcloud.com/hellometeor/pa...7:46 HOME - Introhttps://soundcloud.com/home-2001/intr...10:49 L.D.C.N - Looking Back Once More https://soundcloud.com/ldcnmusic/look...15:05 Aljosha Konstanty - Discovery https://soundcloud.com/aljoshakonstan...18:30 Lucy in Disguise - In The Shadowshttps://soundcloud.com/lucy-in-disgui...24:49 Emil Rottmayer- MEGAhttps://soundcloud.com/emil-rottmayer...30:58 De Lorra/Augustus Wright - Slow Drip https://soundcloud.com/delorra_august...35:25 ESPRIT 空想 - esprithttps://soundcloud.com/espritfantasy/...36:43 Iacon - 花園 whilst I enter these gardens https://soundcloud.com/iacon/whilst-i...40:17 80AM - SOMEBODY https://soundcloud.com/its80am/somebo...GIF by Kirokaze: https://www.youtube.com/user/MyVisual...Follow me: https://soundcloud.com/asthenicmusichttps://www.facebook.com/Asthenica/Video for promotional purpose only.


  • Anneliese Lum Hoo
    Anneliese Lum Hoo  10 months ago +1847

    Isn't it strange that music that makes us feel nostalgic for the past also gives illusions of the future?

  • dave3897
    dave3897  a years ago +1707

    I wish I could meet someone I could share this music with.

  • Rostislav Zhumara
    Rostislav Zhumara  a years ago +1560

    Life is short but nights are long.

  • keisuke takahashi
    keisuke takahashi  11 months ago +891

    It reminds me of when I lived in seattle Id stay up all night on fridays to go driving at 1 or 2 in the morning running a loop along the 90 405 5 freeways driving in circles pushing my car to the limits when there was no traffic for no other reason to go fast just to feel alive. Looking at the lights in downtown as I drove by. Stopping at the same gas station to get monsters to drink so I didnt fall asleep at the wheel. Sitting in the parking lot by alkai staring at the skyline. Contemplating life. With a phone full of text messages I sent that never got replies and calls that all got sent to voicemail. Always alone. I always did these highway "runs" by myself and the funny part is I was alone but I loved it. I miss driving in circles with no destination just going and only stopping when I got to tired to keep my eyes open. There was no greater feeling than redlining 3rd gear as you come flying down the on ramp to the freeway with the window down and there would be this moment where everything would be so loud around me the sound of the car moving along the pavement the exhaust note screaming right before you hit the rev limiter the wind blowing and just for a second with all this noise everything in my mind went silent and anything I was thinking about was gone and I just stared out as I drove past and saw the sea of lights that made up the city and it was fucking beautiful...

  • Michelle
    Michelle  10 months ago +607

    I usually don't comment, but the comments section here made me want to send good vibes.
    Been feeling unsettled about life. But listening to this mix relaxes me.

  • Paultheawesome13
    Paultheawesome13  10 months ago +745

    This is exactly what the year 2000 is going to look like.

  • hobo johnson
    hobo johnson  11 months ago +1362

    Edgy deep comment about life,death and the universe.

  • Diego Fox
    Diego Fox  1 months ago +130

    It's a shame i won't be able to interact with alien cultures from distant planets nor travel the milky way while rocking this mix on a cool spaceship... :/
    Time for some videogames lol

  • Aramys M
    Aramys M  11 months ago +145

    Have you guys ever thought about how fast life passes by? One moment I'm in elementary school sitting in time out, now I'm graduated, 20 years old, everyone around my age who i used to see as "the big kids" are here but I'm now one of them... Its like it all ended so quickly and i never appreciated living in the moment. You live your life out, marry someone, have kids, make something of yourself, cause if you don't, all of life will feel like school did. Gone in the blink of an eye.

  • tmbg1985
    tmbg1985  11 months ago +281

    I was born in 1970. Calm down children. Bring the past forward with you, it helps. Then pave a new way. You can do it. Dark time ahead still, but all of this is a good indication. You won't receive any trophy or recognition for saving your own existence. That will go un clapped. You will have good stories to tell though.

  • electronicbits
    electronicbits  2 days ago +2

    Looking into the past make us realize we did have a future. So we hope the same for the present
    That's my feeling when I see this

  • Earth
    Earth  10 months ago +158

    Look at the first word I typed. 💗 Have a great day everyone.

  • delta_tz
    delta_tz  a years ago +186

    I got hit with an ad for Cyberpunk 2077 when I played this vid..........they know us all too well, don't they? xD

  • Pablo Ríos Camarena Zozaya

    If this music was a place, I'd love to live there

  • Randy Watson
    Randy Watson  a years ago +374

    The audible expression of 80's and 90's aesthetic jetset lifestyle and home interior design.

  • Cédric Rolland
    Cédric Rolland  2 days ago

    If only we could like more than once ✨

  • Manuscripter
    Manuscripter  a years ago +109

    My friend, your mix reaches me here in South Africa. I guarantee you, anyone who smokes cannabis and listens to this.... Breathes in Beautiful..

  • RedCat-Smith
    RedCat-Smith  1 months ago +23

    I love when i'm on the edge of my window, watching the city in the night, drinking a cool energy drink, my neon headset on the neck, the retrowave vibes flowing in my ear, and chilling like that for hour... Everytime, i feel so lonely, but incredibly good.

  • Prussia
    Prussia  a years ago +88

    My nights are so long that they continue during the day.

  • Marc Lanman
    Marc Lanman  yesterday

    Just the right length to fill one side of a TDK SA-X90!