Samsung Memory Card PRO Endurance: Constant Recording Confidence

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  • Published on:  Thursday, May 31, 2018
  • The PRO Endurance memory card delivers the industry’s longest lasting performance, specifically designed for surveillance & security cams, dash cams, and body cams.


  • omar شعبان
    omar شعبان  28 days ago


  • start end
    start end  5 months ago

    Pro Plus vs Pro Endurance, which is better?

  • Suradi Solo
    Suradi Solo  5 months ago


  • Emilio Hernandez Jr
    Emilio Hernandez Jr  9 months ago

    Can this also be used for racing games like csr2?

  • El Niño
    El Niño  11 months ago


  • Ben Ekpo
    Ben Ekpo  a years ago

    Thats why I love this company

  • Junior Gamer05
    Junior Gamer05  a years ago +1

    Well done Samsung!!!

  • 黎氏詩
    黎氏詩  a years ago

    我的Samsung galaxy tab e8.0

  • RDM Football
    RDM Football  a years ago

    Well i have some one simple 4gb memory card for about 6 years now xd so idk what are tou talking about

  • Your Tech Expert
    Your Tech Expert  a years ago


  • The Shad
    The Shad  a years ago

    what is the themselves memory????

  • Viner Vins
    Viner Vins  a years ago

    my brain is pro endurance 1000000×

  • Sandipan Bera
    Sandipan Bera  a years ago +4

    Samsung Is The Best Company.I Love Samsung.❤❤❤

  • Random Guide
    Random Guide  a years ago

    Hey which software is used for speaking?

    SAIF KHAN BABAR  a years ago

    You are talking about 5 years haha & My Normal China Made SD-CARD is still under use since last 10 years.

  • Rudra prasad
    Rudra prasad  a years ago

    I am using a samsung evo sd card since 3 years

  • Momo Koko
    Momo Koko  a years ago

    I got 128g sd card with s7 and it's bugging all the time...what a shame... Only 70gb stored
    What to do???!!!!

  • S
    S  a years ago

    Mi samsung es j2 :"""(

  • Lenity Pious
    Lenity Pious  a years ago

    What O never knew that memory cards have life spans thanks for you have made it known to me.

  • Nahum Pulmones
    Nahum Pulmones  a years ago

    What font do you use? Please tell me if you have time. Thanks