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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 8, 2017
  • Similar music on Spotify : Fantastic Music© For any Copyright Claim : ---------------------------♫ Tracklist ♫00:00 RudeManners - The Last Cherry Blossom01:49 Jinsang - Flow On 05:22 Nohidea. - Haiku 07:03 mr. käfer - Cosmic Harmonies09:29 Gorila - takeshi 12:09 BluntOne - New Dawn 14:32 Flofilz - Dulce 16:36 Freddie Joachim - Breeze 18:50 charlie toØ human - Walk in the park 20:55 Gorila - Vous24:07 B-Side. - Pair 27:08 Gorila - Parttime 29:30 Freddie Joachim - Autumn Rain 31:45 Oskar Hahn - Triggers 34:28 Pabzzz - Together36:42 BluntOne - Sunny Side Up38:30 Oskar Hahn - Anikawer41:20 BROCKBEATS - Hot Spring43:23 BluntOne - passing by.---------------------------------------------------------------FollowHip Dozer käfer toØ human Joachim Hahn picture by Evgeny Lushpinhttp://lushpin.com


  • dvirthebiggirl  7 months ago

    I wanna live in that picture..

  • Trumen Jst  2 days ago

    San Francisco Cable Car

  • Frosty TheWolf  2 days ago

    So do i

  • Son of Yahawadah  6 months ago

    I just want to say that if you listen to this type of music, I got love for you.

  • Wing777  18 days ago

    love u too man

  • Lemonte Hall  25 days ago

    Shalawam Ahch!!

  • Eli Tanhaii  9 months ago

    The background is a masterpiece!!!

  • the_killer _squad  4 months ago


  • Kosta M.  5 months ago

    Or Lisbon, Portugal.

  • Darcy Bhaiwala  9 months ago

    Half the effect of these lofi videos is the image. I dunno if its the colours or the composition but there is always something inherently calming and warm about them. Like a mindscape

  • Samuel Snyder  1 months ago

    the aesthetic

  • That's Cable Car Heaven by Evgeny Lushpin, but it has some kind of red/pink filter

  • Feyi Sun  9 months ago

    damm, I love this picture so much !!!

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  • Tuan Nguyen Thong  2 months ago

    yay thank you so Si

  • Jonny Easton  9 months ago

    Heals my soul ❤️

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  • Striker Moon  9 months ago

    @Aila Scott Randall too*

  • Chim Chim  3 months ago

    this mix gives me the feeling you feel when youre the only one up and its a little past 3 ambut youre calm and so relaxed

  • Hol' Up Niqqa  10 months ago

    Oh yes. The first song sounds so familiar.Edit: Samurai Champloo

  • Ana Lima  10 months ago

    yes, is "shiki no uta" by Nujabes -

  • best creation  1 years ago

    The first song reminds me alot of something nujabes made anyone that knows?

  • Ola Szelo  21 days ago

    try this one :)

  • 17%  1 months ago

    Rest in piece nujabes

  • Alice Robwood  10 months ago

    The art reminds me « from up on poppy hill », ghibli vibes, love it!

  • Rachel Fam  1 months ago

    The scene where the both of them came back from tokyo😻

  • za ki  3 months ago

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