How to Pass a 20 Minute Phone Interview with a Recruiter or Headhunter

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, August 6, 2019


    In this video, learn how to answer common questions you can expect to get asked from a recruiter or a head hunter during a 20 minute phone interview. Recruiters have very specific interview questions they ask to pre-qualify you for a face to face or in person interview with a hiring manager.

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  • Christopher Moreno

    Thanks for your insight Mr. Georgevich!

  • 6Speed Life
    6Speed Life  3 days ago

    Do you think it is bad to discuss salary in the first interview? I do not want to come across as being all about the money even though it plays a factor. Also I don't want to be looked at as a person more curious about the pay than the position

  • Rambling Recruiter

    It's simple, but it ain't easy...

  • Maciek Nowak
    Maciek Nowak  14 days ago

    Very nice tips! I have a question about recruiters' phone interview. Should I send "thank you message" after phone interview via text message because I don't have an email or should I wait for an invitation for face to face interview?

  • Shuyue Zhang
    Shuyue Zhang  21 days ago

    Recruiter 1) Internal recruiters (big companies) ; 2) External recruiters (third-party, mid-small companies)
    Find people that match the job description, turn those people to HR/ hiring manager for further interviews

    ~20min, pre-qualification, to drill down to see if you are a good enough match

    - Tell me about your situation (what are you doing and are you happy doing that work)
    - What your time frame is (how soon do you want to get out of what you at)
    - What type of compensation are you seeking (be cautious, bring up salary during the initial call)
    - What do you like or don't like this place / Why do you want to leave
    - What are you looking for (they want to know what you want to be doing, and make sure that is largely what this job is, they want people who are excited/ enthusiastic about the work they are doing)
    - Do you have references/ Who are those references? (Don't go too detail, just give some generalizations)
    - Good questions to ask (about the position: travel, location, with whom I will work with, what can I expect, allow me to grow in a certain way, etc., engaging questions to show you are interested in the vision/ mission and excited about what they are doing)

    To express yourself in that way: try to smile when talking on the phone (it can be heard), speak with enthusiasm and excitement
    Ask what are the next steps ("when can I expect to hear back from you"), and get the contact information and ask if you could follow up (also help them to remind you).

    Basically this call is just to see if there is mutual interest. Think about what's important to you in this job, express to them to see if there is an interest, and if so, advance you to the next round (another phone/ Skype/ in person interview with the hiring manager)

  • Double Corks
    Double Corks  a months ago

    if i'm currently unemployed, how can I effectively answer the questions in the first 8 minutes

  • Rosita Lopez
    Rosita Lopez  a months ago

    Thank you!! Your tips were so helpful!!!

  • itsJohn
    itsJohn  2 months ago +1

    Thanks Don! Great lighting setup

  • valerie baron
    valerie baron  2 months ago

    Thank you Don ! Very very interesting !inspirational for my next interview hopefully ! Will see... difficult to manage the Time when you have a slot of 2 minutes for answering (Hirevue type). Any tip please ? Thank you!

  • Lori Powell
    Lori Powell  3 months ago

    Thank you so much! Used this video along with others on your page to prepare for my phone interview with the Recruiter and IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going on to the next level!!! Thank you so much! I was so impressed with your videos that I purchased the 129 Most Answered questions guide from your website to help me at the next level! Thank you again for your help!

  • Alex A
    Alex A  3 months ago

    These things are nice but to really develop your skill use this as a base otherwise you'll come off as a robot repeating off a script

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith  3 months ago

    Some recruiters pigeon hole you into a salary bracket and won’t hire you outside that. This is because they can assume your worth to what you are good at.

  • Jasper Fernando
    Jasper Fernando  3 months ago

    Thank you very much Mr.George thats very usefull 2 me :)

  • Will Jones
    Will Jones  3 months ago

    I was absolutely horrible and got moved on to the next step I’m scared it’s a quota intervew

  • rasheedah leonard
    rasheedah leonard  3 months ago +1

    Hey Don, should you follow after 2 interview, or wait?

  • elios greek
    elios greek  4 months ago


  • AlfuhPAD
    AlfuhPAD  4 months ago

    I've got a video interview tomorrow. Great timing and thank you!

  • Keisha Montaque
    Keisha Montaque  4 months ago +9

    Thank you so much!!! I have a phone interview tomorrow!!!

  • Red Crimson
    Red Crimson  4 months ago +1

    Great information, Ill keep alot of this in mind.

  • Michael McGovern
    Michael McGovern  4 months ago +16

    Thank you so much Don, I literally watched a dozen of your videos today because I have a phone interview tomorrow. And now you post this, it's perfect :)