Max: Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram could be keys for Kawhi Leonard trade | First Take | ESPN

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  • Published on:  Monday, June 18, 2018
  • First Take's Max Kellerman says Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram could be keys for to make a Kawhi Leonard trade to the Los Angeles Lakers possible.

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  • Friday Saturday
    Friday Saturday  7 months ago

    Then the Raptors won

  • chanice n
    chanice n  a years ago

    The lakers dont need to build around Lebron, Lebron is old. The need to build around the future faces of the lakers, KUZMA LONZO AND INGRAM POINT BLANK. Lebron isnt gonna be a long hall laker. Kuzma zo n ingram r point blank lool. Every1 on the sportscenter nba thinks that the lakers are really gonna trade their LONG HAUL ASSESTS to just build around lebron whos pushing 40 bye.

  • Mariano Andrt
    Mariano Andrt  a years ago

    Fair trade (for the Spurs)

  • 中野ふみたか

    I love Kawhi, but I trade him with Ingram and Kuzuma or future first picks. If I am Spurs's GM. And I transfer Mills.

  • Erik Mendoza
    Erik Mendoza  a years ago +1

    Im Calling it it’s going to happen!

  • anothrdude
    anothrdude  a years ago

    No we want to keep Ingram

  • Jaylo quiachon
    Jaylo quiachon  a years ago

    I dont want to trade there young players !! Cuz kawhai is not sure if his heathy...

  • Albert Rodriguez
    Albert Rodriguez  a years ago

    These ESPN douchebgs are so fucking clueless. We had our local news here in San Antonio report yesterday that the Spurs have all but shut the door on the Lakers requests for a trade after they gave their pitch. Get it through your thick heads: The Spurs WILL NOT trade Kawhi to the Lakers. They have NOTHING we need.

  • Bang Arang
    Bang Arang  a years ago

    Max loves stroking that Lakers hype since his days at ESPNLA

  • Rolando Garcia
    Rolando Garcia  a years ago

    Ingram 16 points kuzma 18 do the math

  • Rolando Garcia
    Rolando Garcia  a years ago

    Hell no Ingram and kuzma hell no for what he's a free agent next year

  • Brawn Davis
    Brawn Davis  a years ago

    Hold up how bount Brandon Ingram and Julius randle. We can’t me trading away kuzmania

    TRUTH  a years ago

    Trade Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, Josh Hart and a draft pick for Kawhi

  • Amged Fraik
    Amged Fraik  a years ago

    Why is Stephen A and arrogant ass

  • Rashard Stallworth

    Paul George is not trying to go back to LA because he's from La he wants to go to La for the same reason why the other players want to go to LA and that is the fact that Magic Johnson is there and Lonzo ball is there and despite all the negativity that the pun and say about Lonzo ball the young man knows how to play the game and he gives the ball to the people that he should give the ball to. Lonzo is not concerned with scoring 50 points a game he's concerned with getting the win so the coach will be better this year and he could dish offer to LeBron or DeMarcus Cousins or Paul George or whoever else they have on their roster

  • Rashard Stallworth

    The options that the Los Angeles Lakers currently have are LeBron James, DeMarcus Cousins, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, and whoever else they want because Showtime is back

  • Rashard Stallworth

    The dream roster for the Los Angeles Lakers will be Lonzo ball at the one, Paul George at the two, LeBron James at the three, Julius Randle at the four, and the surprise of all surprises trade to get Willie cauley-stein the fastest 7-footer in the history of the NBA. These boys will run up and down the court all game with efficiency and they all have very high IQs

  • James Hicks
    James Hicks  a years ago

    Dude The Fucking 3 Best Teams Will Be West with 2 of them in LA. The League Will Be Done. Over With. The East Is Gonna Suck Ass Big time. If Kawhi And Paul George go to LA than Lebron Is Going No Doubt. 😷😞😂😈😒💯

  • ekin md
    ekin md  a years ago

    trust spurs couldn't get both. maybe 1 and the 25 pick. kawai's comin of a quad injury...

  • Sean Whitaker
    Sean Whitaker  a years ago

    The point Max Makes is the perfect point and the REASON this move was BRILLIANT for Kawhi. It gives him all the power.

    This dude, Kawhi, just sat out an entire year after being deemed healthy. If you are the Spurs do you really want another year of this headache? Hell no. Also, IF you are San Antonio, you dont want to take a chance at losing Kawhi for absolutely nothing in FA.
    This is why you trade him now this year.

    Now, Boston has the most assets for Kawhi. But the issue is Danny Ainge is a smart GM who only does GOOD BUSINESS. Ainge is not going to trade Tatum. So San Antonio would likely want some form of Jaylen Brown, A Guard (Kyrie, Smart, Rozier), and picks. Ainge is not doing that UNLESS he can get a guarantee that Leonard will sign an extended contract and the fact that Leonard is turning down nearly 100mil to go to LA lets you know that aint likely. So why am I going to give up that much for Leonard?

    Philly doesn't have enough pieces. No way they trade Ben Simmons and Saric and Fultz aren't enough plus you get into giving up too much of your team for a year rental of a KL.

    I think this thing takes time and San Antonio can say they arent trading him to the Lakers all they want but in the end, when it comes down to dealing with turmoil with KL again and losing him in FA for absolutely nothing or obtaining pieces like Kuzma (who is a lot like Kawhi), and Ingram plus a 1st round pick--- you do that deal simply because its the best you are going to get.

    Also, I think the Lakers want to offload Ball as well. Dont be surprised if a 3rd team gets in on this. Pop and SA dont like BAll. But I could see this happening:

    Lakers Get: Kawhi Leonard - Draft Pick(31) from Pheonix

    San Antonio Gets: Kuzma, Ingram, 1st Rd Pick from Lakers --- TJ Warren, Dragan Bender Pick (16) from Phx

    Suns Get: Lonzo Ball and they take on Luol Deng's Contract