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  • Published on:  Thursday, August 9, 2018
  • The BMW M5 is the pinnacle of performance sedans. Since the E28 M5 debut in 1985, each model has featured cutting edge performance engines and razor sharp handling characteristics. Turning a family friendly commuter car into a race bread driving machine. Our host, James Pumphrey, will guide you through the M5’s impressive history. From a quaint hand built german sports sedan to today’s turbo powered F90. This is everything you need to know to get up to speed on the BMW M5!

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  • thaILLESTwon
    thaILLESTwon  4 hours ago

    I laughed every time the engine farted getting pulled out 😂

    MiKAWOOF  yesterday

    lol the german accent impression for the bmw engineers was so on point

  • anDREas17gr
    anDREas17gr  2 days ago

    but its SO UGLY

  • MrRantanplanchecker

    Wer ist denn bitte BMW?

  • TheTeoras1
    TheTeoras1  4 days ago

    I hate when he does the german accents. Its not funny, its annoying.

  • Brent Lucas
    Brent Lucas  6 days ago

    Trans am any day now

  • Ivan G
    Ivan G  6 days ago

    I love #unknownvariables.

  • Lance Hondrade
    Lance Hondrade  7 days ago

    What makes the M5 E60 even more insane, is that you can buy a used one
    for 15K.

  • zifar denkers
    zifar denkers  8 days ago


  • Radlerark
    Radlerark  8 days ago

    Fuck I wish I was rich.

  • Red Soda
    Red Soda  9 days ago

    instead of the new f90 m5 you can get a 2013 Audi R8 V10 for a lot less money

  • here come dat poi
    here come dat poi  11 days ago +2

    t a k e a s e a t , s w e e t j a m e s .

  • git gud
    git gud  12 days ago

    At least your country was not a part of yugoslavia
    All we have are ladas and yugos from before 1991

  • jes17Spain
    jes17Spain  14 days ago

    3:13 is the fuc*** e24, the shark itself, the best looking coupe ever. M5 is awesome, but that thing is just THE car.

  • FantasticVictor
    FantasticVictor  14 days ago

    Do up to speed honda accord 😭😭James

  • Tuner car fan 494
    Tuner car fan 494  16 days ago

    Wat’s math

  • Mayur borah
    Mayur borah  17 days ago

    E34 was a legend

  • Adamya Banswar
    Adamya Banswar  18 days ago

    Great video James!.
    I suggest u should do an episode on Pontiac Firebird.. Burt Reynolds passed away recently :(

  • Kyle Trevaskis
    Kyle Trevaskis  19 days ago

    Pontiac firebird episode?

  • Jose A
    Jose A  21 days ago

    Dude I love your channel but those were 528 530 you showed in the E39 M5 clips