Storm surge from Hurricane Michael swallows shoreline

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, October 10, 2018
  • Coastal properties took a beating as Hurricane Michael roared ashore along the Florida Panhandle.


  • Ariana Mosquera
    Ariana Mosquera  1 months ago

    i fell bad for you people i hope your safe

  • Amarie Hearn
    Amarie Hearn  1 months ago

    thanks to god that most of the people survived.

  • Jada Scott
    Jada Scott  1 months ago

    someone die

  • UnderSwap Sans female

    Hi this is Blueberry
    Please don't leave your pet behind from the hurricane! Just carry them on safe call the rescue and leave the city! 😘😘

  • EvilResident
    EvilResident  1 months ago +1

    God did a good job here. It's a pity only a few americans got killed.

  • praise JESUS King and Savior

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  • Main Street Electrical Parade

    Best thing to ever happen.

    J. R. De MOBOGENIE  1 months ago

    nice place!!

  • Apocalypse The Destroyer


  • mike liburd
    mike liburd  1 months ago

    I didnt meant to hit western Florida

  • Mac N Cheese
    Mac N Cheese  1 months ago

    The wrath of God is angry we choose to hate rather then love this are the results

  • RJ P
    RJ P  2 months ago

    Wow thats crazy. Just trying to understand why you would want to live right on the coast like that. As a main residence...and in addition keep all your life long posessions there? Not being rude i just cant understand. Or not being responsible enough to have more than enough money saved before your move so you could start over? Again not trying to be sound rude just trying to understand. If i was yo build one of my homes in a flood or disaster probable area...i would do it with the idea and financial means that i could lose it all. And not have to rely on anyone for support if it happened. I just want to understand why youd put yourself and family through the chance of this happening...without the safety nets. Alternative storage.. Safety net financially. Etc

  • Beeswax N Such
    Beeswax N Such  2 months ago

    These guys ended up abandoning their truck and had to break into a house to stay safe. They got trapped in the storm surge.

  • KallMe Kiki
    KallMe Kiki  2 months ago

    😇😢🌍🙏🌊 prayers..

  • biscuit
    biscuit  2 months ago

    Proof god hates republicans.

  • Harry Johnson
    Harry Johnson  2 months ago +1

    Hurricane Michael is the younger brother of Hurricane Katrina.

  • Harry Johnson
    Harry Johnson  2 months ago +1

    Donald Trump's personal message for the victims of Hurricane Michael - "It's your own fault for living there."

  • Douglas W. Bush, M.A.

    What amazes me is how liberals find this more horrifying than an abortion.

    • Harry Johnson
      Harry Johnson  2 months ago

      Are you autistic too or just fuckin' retarded?

  • Neohaggen Shiro
    Neohaggen Shiro  2 months ago

    Trump - Climatic change is a bullshit,i take USA from treat rigth now...
    Earth - PFFF....hold my beer..