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  • Published on:  Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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  • Kennedy Cymone  11 months ago

    What should I film next Ken Killas?!!

  • April Bradley  8 months ago


  • April Bradley  8 months ago

    Kenndy i love you💖💖💞 You are my idol and i respect you.. I wish i can meet you oneday.. And gitl u always look beautiful

  • Adia Moore  11 months ago

    “Do you miss DDG?” 10:12

  • Makayla Small  11 months ago


  • kcb0utabag _  11 months ago

    Thank uu❤️

  • Tamar McDermott  11 months ago

    9:50 she talks abt DDG, the rest is stuff us males prolly won’t care abt😂

  • Tewodros Tesfaye  4 months ago

    That some real nigga shit

  • Ajibaye Adebayo  6 months ago

    Thanks bro

  • Adrian Gaming  11 months ago

    Who here from DDG 😂😂

  • Tim Kruse  11 months ago

    Deep down they both hurting but DDG, is too damm emotional

  • Jamylla Francois  25 days ago

    @Wesley Baartman yea Exatcly

  • Wesley Baartman  11 months ago

    Meresha Simon yeah he is man enough, and I give him credit for that. I'm loyal myself, its how I was raised.We value loyalty. I'm saying DDG always the one that ends up pushing the female away, hurting her feelings. And then later he wants her back again.

  • Sub To Iceyy Yah  11 months ago

    it would be raw if ddg walked on her doorstep with a doggie😭

  • Reikkoz  11 months ago

    kennedy you a snack 😘❤️

  • Caribbean_Boii  11 months ago

    Reikkoz lol nigga edited the comment

  • Lay Lay  11 months ago

    pep 3:43-3:48 Shannon's voice awww I miss Shannon and Billy😕😣😭

  • IMVU KenTrell  11 months ago

    Me too 😭

  • a y a n a  11 months ago

    B8g Baller yeah, but the i8 parts be having me dead 💀

  • Cold Flame  11 months ago

    DDG straight up said that he loved and missed u with out any hesitation but u decided to beat around the bush and simplify the way u feel to the fact that your a human being why do u try so hard to protect your dignity just come out and confess u still love him and stop trying to make it look like he is obsessed with u he even got u a promise ring and apologized yet u continue to break his heart

  • a v x m 1  7 months ago


  • Money cash  7 months ago

    @The Xaye Family ik

  • Jãyy Røckêt  11 months ago

    Bro on god whether Kennedy & DDG get back together, they both finna blow up even more than now ‼️💯 Overall they’re both inspirations for everybody 💪🏾 Wishing nothing but the best for both of ya 🙏🏾

  • HollyHoodLex  10 months ago

    Jãyy Røckêt subscribe to my channel