Segment Addition Postulate

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, September 11, 2013


  • mcfat10
    mcfat10  yesterday +1

    What happens if it doesn’t have a distance?

  • Jordan Smith
    Jordan Smith  7 days ago

    Thanks so much for this video 👍🏽

  • Careem frisby
    Careem frisby  14 days ago +1

    how did she get 40?

  • Fatal Gaming
    Fatal Gaming  21 days ago

    How did you get 56 please help

  • Kayla Gallow
    Kayla Gallow  1 months ago

    How does 10x equal 40

  • Aphmeow Furry
    Aphmeow Furry  1 months ago +2

    I need to know how to use AC AND AB To get BC Tho😣😣

  • Samiyah Young
    Samiyah Young  11 months ago +5

    Can you explain how you're getting from one step to the other? You and my teacher do the same thing you just solve the problem without explaining how you get these numbers and that confuses me.

  • Mike Kachowski
    Mike Kachowski  a years ago +1

    What if AC is 4x+5, AB is 4x+3 and BC is x-2?

  • Eliana Pasten
    Eliana Pasten  a years ago

    Thanks so much I was so confused

  • Gaming With Vertical Anglez

    Got a question do you remove the 0 from the 40 ?

  • Joseph Molina
    Joseph Molina  2 years ago

    What if you don't know what the whole segment equals? What do you do to solve for x?
    HJ=3x+5 and JK=9x-3
    Find HJ, HK, and JK
    J is the midpoint of HK

  • Amber Montes
    Amber Montes  2 years ago

    How do u find ac

  • Carlos Smith
    Carlos Smith  3 years ago

    what if AC was equal to 5x ??

  • yung_takeoff
    yung_takeoff  3 years ago

    my problem is ab=x+1 i need help

  • Jonathan Argueta
    Jonathan Argueta  3 years ago +35

    You make more sense than my teacher.

  • ValyVal NIvera
    ValyVal NIvera  3 years ago +3

    her phone rang in the beginning of the video, lololololol

  • Tony Vawnz
    Tony Vawnz  5 years ago +10

    Thank you so much you really helped me out i wish my math teacher made geometry this simple.