Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made In Nature!

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  • Published on:  Saturday, June 15, 2019
  • Check out the Most MYSTERIOUS Discoveries Made In Nature! From unexplained mysterious organisms to other strange creatures, this top 10 list of unsolved mysteries from nature will amaze you!

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    8. Blood From a Stone
    You may not be able to get blood from an actual stone, as the saying goes, but you can get it from Pyura chilensis, a type of sea creature found on the Western coast of South America. At first glance, the sea creature found off the coast of Chile and Peru looks like your average grey stone. But if you cut through its hard, rock-like exterior shell, you will find blood-red organs, skin and muscles.

    7. Devil’s Tooth
    Imagine going for a leisurely walk, only to stumble upon a bright white mushroom covered in crimson droplets. Don’t be scared, you have just discovered the Devil’s Tooth. Also known by the name strawberries and cream, the Devil’s Tooth certainly doesn’t taste sweet, and is in fact said to have a bitter taste. It is also different from other fungi, that grow spores on feathery gills on the underside of a cap.

    6. Psychedelic Salt Mines of Russia
    You don’t have to stay above-ground to find surprises in nature. In fact, one dazzling display was discovered 650 feet below a Russian city. At first glance, the salt mines of Yekaterinburg look like a tie-dyed t-shirt from the Summer of Love, but the twisting psychedelic patterns are really a remnant of ancient oceans.

    5. Skull Pods
    If the Devil’s Tooth fungus isn’t the kind of thing you want in your garden, you might want to give the snapdragon a try. These flowers are extremely popular.
    Named for the flower’s shape, which looks like a dragon’s head, the flower looks even more unique after it blooms. And when you squeeze the sides of the flower, you can make the dragon’s mouth open!

    4. The Trees of Slope Point
    On the southernmost tip of an island in New Zealand, strong air currents batter the shoreline. So it is no surprise that the land takes a particularly brutal beating. However, nature has learned to adapt, and one of the more curious results are the trees found on Slope Point. Trees on the southernmost point of South Island have taken on a distinctively windswept look, with the roots and branches perpetually warped and twisted against the current.

    3. Petrified Lightning
    Nature is beautiful but it can be equally as violent, and the powerful forces are none more evident than the effect achieved when lightning strikes sand. After lightning storms, strange tubes with jagged edges can sometimes be found on beaches, in dunes or on mountain tops. These stone-type formations are the after effects of when lightning strikes the sand and melts the silica (or minerals) within.

    2. Algal Blooms
    Not all of nature’s fascinating finds are on land. Look no further than the ocean to discover amazing and mysterious natural wonders, including ones that turn the water an eerie blue-green once the sun goes down.

    1. Blood Falls, Antarctica
    Discovered in Antarctica in the early 1900’s, Blood Falls is very unexpected. When explorers found that a river had stained a cliff with a dark red substance, they at first believed it was the result of a type of algae. But scientists at the University of Alaska Fairbanks did a little detective work and discovered the source of the red water was coming from deep below the icy surface.

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