How job surveillance is changing trucking in America

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  • Published on:  Monday, November 20, 2017
  • Automation is coming for truckers – but first, they're being watched.

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    The promise of self-driving trucks will radically reshape one of America's most common jobs. There are 3.5 million professional drivers in the US, all of whom may face job displacement in the autonomous future being developed by companies like Otto, Daimler, and Tesla. But before robots take the wheel entirely, there will be a long period where truckers and artificial technology split the responsibilities of the work. The first big step toward that future comes in the form of the electronic logging device, a dashboard monitor that tracks speed, location, and a driver's schedule, and reports it to an employer or a third-party monitoring service. It has a lot of truckers worried.

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  • Koshish Sunuwar
    Koshish Sunuwar  2 days ago

    Where is those AI driven tesla trucks? 😐

  • Elesia Fasching
    Elesia Fasching  7 days ago

    Wait....why dont they just change it to a maximum of 11 hours (or whatever the max driving time was) in a 24 hour period so the device gives the drivers the freedom/flexibility to stop when they want or need to, and makes sure they arent driving way too many hours. Making them drive consecutive hours makes absolutely no sense, how did no one think of this???

  • Jijo Koshy K S Jijo
    Jijo Koshy K S Jijo  7 days ago +1

    I am an Indian.. and I Iove trucking.. but the trucking here in India is worse than this.. Compared to Indian trucking, you guys are still lucky even in 2019. Because if I am right, the difference between the lifestyles of truckers of both places is huge.. . correct me if I am wrong..also I want to mention that the the trucks are improving here in India nowadays.. manufacturers like Ashok Leyland, Tata, Volvo, Bharatbenz are now making trucks that are almost like European styles .. My dream was to shift to USA, Canada or some European countries and become a truck driver before all these trucks became autonomous sh*ts...

    But now seeing this news.. my hopes are slowly fading away..

    Also I love to be a train driver, or commercial pilot.. but chances here in India that I become any of this is slim.. ☺☺☺

  • Randall Frank
    Randall Frank  7 days ago

    I worked in the local trucking industry for 29 years. Technology, like the ELD & driver fatigue monitors, are being used by trucking companies to protect them from very expensive liabilities caused by poor & tired/sleepy or alcoholic drivers. The old adage that one bad apple spoils the whole bushel is really true. I saw it multiple times, a few bad driver caused accidents can bankrupt a company. Driver jobs will disappear. True, sometimes poor inflexible laws breed mistrust of the new technology, but improvements in driver safety should not be fought by the drivers themselves. Remember the tired/sleepy Walmart truck driver that caused the accident that severely injured the comedian Tracy Morgan and the speeding truck driver that caused the terrible accident in the city of Lakewood Colorado.

  • S. Gillespie
    S. Gillespie  14 days ago +1

    The way many of these truckers feel is how blacks have always been treated. As though they, as human beings, didn't matter.
    Also, the trucking, car and manufacturing industries were jobs where mostly white employees could "pad" their hours and be protected by unions but now they're mad because they can't do that anymore. They're being treated like...dare I say minorities.
    When you allow other people to be mistreated IT WILL INVARIABLY HAPPEN TO YOU.

  • Doctor Games101
    Doctor Games101  14 days ago

    Man vs. real life, not from the movies.

  • skipper jim
    skipper jim  14 days ago

    Reason I don’t drive for big companies don’t need to watch me all day

  • Jason Kearney
    Jason Kearney  14 days ago

    I worked for many years as a driver in Ireland and Europe. Years later I went back to university. One of my final papers was written about the death of the independence of truck driving. The barrage of technology takes no account of the safety aspect of experienced people doing a job they know well. Experience cannot be legislated for and thus we are now told technology is the lifesaver. What about the experienced men and women now leaving the industry in droves because the job itself has changed beyond comprehension?

  • Israel Morales
    Israel Morales  21 days ago


  • Ob Fuscated
    Ob Fuscated  21 days ago

    Trucking is a bad job automation should dispose of. Humans tire, feel stress, and require sleep. They can never be truly efficient.

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez  21 days ago

    They want an excuse to pay truckers less. My step father is a trucker and he should be getting paid more than he does because without him and millions like him, the companies don’t get their product.

  • Kevin Bergman
    Kevin Bergman  21 days ago

    Am happy with eld keeps companies honest love it, but no driver facing CAMERAS

  • NigelDK
    NigelDK  21 days ago

    The ELD is already mandatory in Denmark and the rest of Europe when driving trucks and busses. When driving a bus I use a card with a chip that logs all my driving and work. America seems to always be lacking behind in public technology when compared to Europe and rest of the western world.

  • FREEWILL Farms
    FREEWILL Farms  21 days ago

    The American truck driver is the most thankless carrier .
    Automation will end the last of the cowboys.
    No need for parking with a power unit.

  • Rodney Jaynes
    Rodney Jaynes  28 days ago

    I quit driving as an owner/operator because of these things. This is obviously a proregulation video. Truck driving as a vocation/job/career is dead.

  • hikurukutai
    hikurukutai  a months ago

    Get with the times guys

  • Peter Yanes Mendez
    Peter Yanes Mendez  a months ago

    Driving trucks has enough pressure as it is. This ELD is adding more unnecessary pressure.

    VIRGINIA Guy  a months ago

    The vest that can detect heart attacks isn't intruding on anyone's privacy.

  • Searchingforcrosser
    Searchingforcrosser  a months ago



  • Porter Productions
    Porter Productions  a months ago

    Bottom line: These regulation people should be required to ride in a truck for at least one week to really get the feel of a trucker’s life. This would change a lot of things.