Sibling Rivalry Of Chubby Corgi Dogs

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  • Published on:  Sunday, July 29, 2018
  • They wanna hurt each other but at the same time they don't wanna hurt each other! ☮
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  • Viral Paws
    Viral Paws  3 months ago +22

    🐶 For Sibling Love: ❤

  • Dean Webster
    Dean Webster  16 hours ago

    Check out ozzy mans version

  • Papyrus
    Papyrus  18 hours ago +1


  • Pac 19
    Pac 19  23 hours ago

    That was a pretty epic rap battle

  • Bu Fan
    Bu Fan  2 days ago

    Dante and Vergil

  • Funning Fon
    Funning Fon  3 days ago

    Tuğrul soldaki sensin.

  • Attila Niksirat
    Attila Niksirat  5 days ago


  • Christian Valentin cota

    Where are the dogs im just seeing loafs of bread fighting

  • instrumedly4350
    instrumedly4350  6 days ago

    I search "two fat dog fighting"

  • AV Villafuerte
    AV Villafuerte  7 days ago


  • ranji munna
    ranji munna  7 days ago

    If there’s a war, this is the preferable kind :) Your welcome

  • based nerd
    based nerd  7 days ago

    They never actually bite each other lmao 😂

  • Amai甘い
    Amai甘い  7 days ago +1

    0:24 the corgi on the left:
    When they ask your priorities then you just have to say that your fine but your not really fine but you just can't get into it cuz they would never understand....

  • thybigballs
    thybigballs  7 days ago

    Anyone remember being a kid and fighting with your sibling in the back seat of the car because someone crossed the invisible line in the center of the seat? The same thing is happening here.

  • Laura Wasnewsky
    Laura Wasnewsky  7 days ago +2

    Oh look, it's a Pokemon battle between two Yampers. 😂

  • Mr Smith
    Mr Smith  14 days ago

    Just makes you want to blow a Zanex into their mouths with a straw

  • Furious 454
    Furious 454  14 days ago

    Black/white corgi is a male and light brown/white is a female, is like couples are arguing just like my parents always do.

  • Potato corgi
    Potato corgi  14 days ago +2

    What they havebdone to these corgies.... They are so fat

  • Corey Cathers
    Corey Cathers  14 days ago

    There so cute

  • Laurell
    Laurell  14 days ago

    doggo: exists
    the other doggo: TRIGGERED