Women Won't Submit to 50/50 Room Mates

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 17, 2019
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  • Liyanna De Lioncourt
    Liyanna De Lioncourt  4 months ago +270

    To any woman reading this, please don’t be discouraged. Don’t take what these dusties say to heart, especially the idiotic saying like “women hit the wall”. It’s not true because I know of so many older women who’ve married well to do rich men, yes even single mothers. Also celeb Examples of Miranda Kerr, a divorced single mother who’s second husband is a billionaire and younger than her. Even Salma Hayek married a billionaire in her mid 40’s. Their husbands could have chosen younger women but they didn’t.
    Just take care of yourself, make yourself look pretty, classy, elegant and be in touch with your divine feminine be in love with yourself and never love a man more than yourself. As Ashera mentioned before, the man has to love you more than you love him. Let’s honor our inner divine feminine 🌸💕🙏🏼

  • OutThere2017
    OutThere2017  4 months ago +220

    I cannot be sexually intimate with any 50/50 roommate.
    He may as well play the role of the gay best friend.

  • Sophia ATN
    Sophia ATN  4 months ago +95

    I wish black women will become the biggest leeches, men of all races have been using us for too long. Also thank you for what you said about picking the right target

  • Chirciu Simona
    Chirciu Simona  4 months ago +84

    It s true, women fully respects a man who totally provides.

  • LBC Ulrica
    LBC Ulrica  4 months ago +100

    From what I’ve seen in my life, if a man isn’t the provider, he’s actively engaged in knocking down the woman he’s with. No one will abuse you more than a dusty man—from cheating to stealing to beating to general disrespect. A man hates a woman who does better than him. I watched my father chop my mom down when he lost his job. My ex husband did nothing but chop me down no matter how hard I worked in the house, how nice I looked, or how well I did my job in the Army. In the years since my divorce, I’ve only met one man who makes more money than me, so the pickings are slim. I personally never had a problem with a man not making what I made, but men DO have a problem with it. You’re not considered a woman; you’re considered some sort of quasi-man that deserves to be chopped down to size. So the issue isn’t really money with a dusty man. It’s a spiritual problem—he won’t elevate himself, so he can’t do anything but bring you down.

  • jlovesj333
    jlovesj333  4 months ago +95

    Black men got the nerve to call US leeches.

  • rainbowflower333
    rainbowflower333  4 months ago +86

    My mom is raising a dusty lol. Everytime we leave the house, my brother leaves his wallet at home on purpose. When we go to the store, my brother asks my mom for something. She'll say "Where's your wallet?". He'' ll say "I left it at home", but she will still get him what he asked for . He is in high school, but I don't see no hope for him lmao.

  • couturexolivia
    couturexolivia  4 months ago +68

    I watch two videos a day every to keep my mind right!

  • Nansi Tey
    Nansi Tey  4 months ago +93

    This is right on time. I just ended it with a 54 year old chiropractor living with his mom who said he wants to date only me but for me to financially “pitch into” our relationship 🙄 Dusties are everywhere ladies!

  • T South
    T South  3 months ago +15

    These black guys who want to talk about black women being “leeches” sure are singing a different tune when they get around Becky. They’ll happily date Becky knowing she wouldn’t date him unless he can play the money and privilege game. Oh and forget the times Janisha covered your asses when you lived together.

  • Stupid Lady
    Stupid Lady  4 months ago +20

    What you said about cheating is true, I cannot imagine a reason to even want to cheat when my husband fully takes care of me, not worth it!

  • GlamGirlTiff
    GlamGirlTiff  4 months ago +72

    Facts on Facts. What would she be submitting to???? There is nothing to submit to when you are living with a glorified roommate.

  • Charisma Wright
    Charisma Wright  4 months ago +22

    Thank you. I started watching you a few months ago. Unbeknownst to myself I already do a lot of the things you suggest, but you’re on another level . Grown woman status. I feel like I’m listening to one of my aunties lol 😊

  • dcaramelone
    dcaramelone  4 months ago +33

    Yup more men die alone. Nobody knows they're missing until it's too late and nobody goes to their funerals No one mourns them. Hopefully MGTOW will make sure they get a decent burial and donate they little balls to science. Lol

  • Primal Emerge
    Primal Emerge  4 months ago +26

    If your depressed watch comedies, walk in park, go around plants like at a garden center... Nature lifts your frequency your vibration. Lose weight by walking everyday and increase water cut drinks with sugar.... Replace all carbs ie... Rice bread pasta with vegetables.
    Just get started and stop asking Ashera the same questions daily.

  • Sagittarius Black
    Sagittarius Black  3 months ago +9

    I have met some women that are soooooo damned stupid, that when they ACCIDENTALLY (& I do mean accidentally) land a great man......they’ll cheat on those men with dusties. If only stupid were a sport 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Cyndi C
    Cyndi C  4 months ago +19

    you're right 50/50. is. null and void.

  • Erica Hayes
    Erica Hayes  4 months ago +20

    Please create a video for the ladies to tell them most men don't like women. That message may help ladies lose those emotions they have for these men and dusties.

  • True Truth
    True Truth  4 months ago +30

    nope.. we cant go 50/50 bc you cant live with me stay in your own house

  • Rachel Olivia
    Rachel Olivia  4 months ago +15

    That leech metaphor was deep!