Goonzquad Wrecked Lamborghini How MUCH Did They Pay (Salvage Rebuild)

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  • Published on:  Sunday, May 19, 2019
  • #goonzquad #lamborghini #copartThe Goonzquad Lamborghini is nearly finished. I made this video to break down everything and show the FULL cost analysis on what this project likely cost to rebuild. First Lamborghini Before the wreck 2:36First Car Cost 2:00 Parts Car Cost 3:33 Grand Total 16:01This is easily my favorite rebuild project on YouTube go check them out - YOUR NEW HERE - Subscribe to the channel and smash that like button for more videosDon't Click Here me on Instagram: Ocala - BMW Motorcycle - 328i BMW - - Credits LAKEY INSPIRED - Chill Day (Vlog No Copyright Music)


  • Irvine Garage  1 months ago

    My latest rebuild project is coming soon...Stay Tuned!Video Breakdown:First Lamborghini Before the wreck 2:36Fire Damaged Lamborghini Before the wreck 4:39First Car Cost 2:00 Parts Car Cost 3:33 Grand Total 16:01

  • Brandon Torfin  1 months ago

    I think goonzquad is an amazing channel and are doing a great job.

  • Raiven Dave  1 months ago

    better than OEM.. =D

  • Roy Springer  1 months ago

    Don't go messin with Goonzquad! They are legit! They have earned every sub! Hard work and great ethics! Pays off!

  • Waffles  28 days ago

    Matti Virta wow. Your an idiot. Fact.

  • @Matti Virta please learn your english languange

  • Mark Rhymes  27 days ago

    Another guy using someone elses content for videos lol

  • Randy Fin  27 days ago

    Nice job! No bashing and did an accurate breakdown. I enjoy watching Goonzquad and I give them credit for the build

  • Jon j  a months ago

    they also sold the parts they didn't need, like you said even if damaged they sold for a lot

  • GHOSTPrOrMo565  1 months ago

    They paid that much for content

  • GHOSTPrOrMo565  1 months ago

    You right shoot I ride metro so I wouldn’t kno 😂

  • Irvine Garage  1 months ago

    GHOSTPrOrMo565 the only time a huracan is an investment 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • speedypt  28 days ago

    Good research. Well presented, and you didn't bash the Goonzquad boys!

  • therealzooch  1 months ago

    New a little more than $200K, probably able to purchase at a fraction from the right buyer. A Salvage vehicle is not worth nearly what an undamaged used car is worth, ask any savvy purchaser or lender, the title alone can reduce the value as much as 50% or more. Good thing they have the documentation of the care they took on the rebuild just to maintain the value of what it is worth.But they made a ton on subscriptions which reduced the cost to IT'S MAKING THEM MONEY. PERIOD.

  • C F  1 months ago

    I enjoy following the Goonzquad builds. Still wonder how they finance it all.

  • Corey Bowman  a months ago

    They make over 230,000 a year off you tube

  • People forget that they didnt start out buying lambos. They started relatively smaller as far as price. And earned enough to build up to the Viper/hellcat/lambo