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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 8, 2018
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  • FBE
    FBE  a years ago +351

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  • wallawizard
    wallawizard  a years ago +327

    All these kids are the same. We need more diversity....like actual diversity of thought

  • Ale Alberto
    Ale Alberto  a years ago +564

    I love how no one debated him on the black on black subject

  • Chris Gibbons
    Chris Gibbons  a years ago +752

    He’s actually not wrong on the whole Chicago thing.

  • Lana kirk
    Lana kirk  a years ago +380

    I’m sorry but he is telling the truth about the Chicago kids

  • thatpauly
    thatpauly  a years ago +106

    I'm from chicago like kanye is and he is right, there are black on black shootings and no one does anything about it.

  • Nathan
    Nathan  a years ago +87

    Funny how the white kids were the ones more offended

  • Ophillia Balls
    Ophillia Balls  a years ago +93

    I mean he was right about the black on black violence in Chicago

  • hugh myron
    hugh myron  a years ago +122

    Kanye got a point about inter city violence though

  • T0mahawkWarfare
    T0mahawkWarfare  a years ago +70

    They should react to Ben shapiro😝

  • James Curran
    James Curran  a years ago +63


  • Bring le Ton
    Bring le Ton  a years ago +145

    Why bother having a reaction video if each one is basically the same smh

  • Ivan Miranda
    Ivan Miranda  a years ago +416

    He was right about the Chicago thing tho can't knock him on that

  • Isaac Velázquez
    Isaac Velázquez  a years ago +524

    I low-key agree with some of the things that Kanye says

  • Komi Imperial Guard
    Komi Imperial Guard  a years ago +69

    Could've been better if it was Elders react..

  • Grumpy23
    Grumpy23  a years ago +125

    You can notice that the most Teens just try to be political correct and don't want to say anything controversial

  • Afa
    Afa  a years ago +298

    slavery lasted for 225 years in the US and he knows this. put that into context, it seems like he's saying after slavery was abolished a mental prison has existed, a mental slavery. and theres a point where we as a country need to move beyond it

  • Cool Undies
    Cool Undies  a years ago +108

    Kanye has a point about Chicago. Funny how no one had a clear counter argument.

  • Biovox13
    Biovox13  a years ago +587

    I mean...oddly enough I get what he's saying tho...

  • Philip Goldberg
    Philip Goldberg  a years ago +156

    Personally I do not think teens were quite the correct generation for a political type video like this. I feel you should of got reactors that have more political viewing experience.