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  • Published on:  Monday, August 6, 2018
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  • nimbre  11 months ago

    your merch would say "are you joking me" or "gosh dangit tati" and i would live for it

  • Didi  1 months ago

    nimbre iq

  • Sarah . Just Sarah  2 months ago

    Or holy smokes!

  • Nicole Clemens  11 months ago

    You should have makeup bags that say “I’m only keeping 10” on it

  • Pasqua Ninna  5 months ago

    Ladies, we need to clone James..."no such thing as too much highlight!"

  • Sara Haque  9 months ago


  • ClassicSplendour  11 months ago

    Ladies, we need to clone James..."no such thing as too much highlight!"

  • Shooting Star  2 months ago

    I don't think she is saying that now.

  • London Oudshoorn  2 months ago

    Ur merch would say holy smokes

  • golfwang amadeus  a months ago

    This needs more likes cause it's true

  • Amy Sethi  11 months ago

    😂 the way you get excited when a high end company sends you something and then you realize you ordered it yourself the reaction is priceless.

  • Steph_ XOXO  11 months ago

    Tati: "Dare I say that it might be to much"James: "There is no such thing as to much highlighter"Tati:" you've been trained well"😂😂Couple goals ❤❤ you two are the sweetest and what a great relationship you both have 💋

  • Danny Acosta  6 months ago

    I started reading as soon as she started saying it and I didn't even realize until I heard the trained well lol

  • J S  11 months ago


  • Christine Gerjets  10 months ago

    It should say "Oh Satan, it BURNS!", I'd buy that. 😂

  • Trish150655  11 months ago

    I can’t believe how lame people act just to get makeup. There will always be some bad apples who ruin it for others. Thank you Tati for being so generous to your viewers.

  • Mandy Chapin  11 months ago

    Trish150655 I didn't have the guts to say what you did, but I agree! Who can come up with the biggest sob story? I thought about saying, my friend has cancer, my hubby left, the trailer burned down and my dog died. But no, don't need to irritate poor Tati!

  • Vicky Mitchell  2 months ago

    I love love love how you mentioning when the brands use too much unnecessary packaging, it's so important

  • thescorpioyoyo8185  6 months ago

    It’s just so funny how serious and dedicating James is with opening boxes while you are chilling smiling and tatatataing lol