Rebuilding A Wrecked 2014 Dodge Viper TA "TIME ATTACK"

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 14, 2018
  • Can we fix this one of a kind totaled out Dodge Viper TA? This 2014 Track Attack edition car is 33 of the 93 ever made. With parts being so limited we will try to salvage as much as possible. We are very excited to share this build with you guys and take you along the journey! Thanks for watching and be sure to subscribe! -GOONZQUAD T-Shirts: A Patron: CREDITS: MUSIC:


  • Garrett Schafer
    Garrett Schafer  9 months ago +296

    This car was wrecked on Friday, August 24th 2018 during the Gridlife South Festival at Road Atlanta. I don’t know the owner personally but I was there. Gridlife is a Music and Motorsport event where they have drifting, HPDE, time attack, and at night, concerts. You guys should come out next year! Also, TA stands for Time Attack :)
    I’m super glad you guys are fixing this car, it’s always rough to see a car wreck on track but I’m glad that this one will get another chance at life.

  • Robert Dettelbach
    Robert Dettelbach  1 months ago +62

    Who’s here after the huracan and during Ferrari

  • Dylan Jeter
    Dylan Jeter  9 months ago +121

    Hey @Goonzquad
    Previous owner is from the Houston area, his username on the forum for Viper Enthusiast/Owners is "ViperDai" and this was indeed crashed on the Road Atlanta race track during GridLife, along with five+ other vehicles throughout the day including a Nissan GT-R which he states lost a wheel and kept on going; thus spreading oil all over the track...
    He mentioned that the TA was crashed in Turn Two of the Road Atlanta track, the airbag deployed and the seatbelt was completely locked up; so the Emergency Services people at the track cut the seatbelt to get him out of the car. He's quite lucky to be uninjured in my opinion...
    Luckily for him, he said he bought "Lockton Track Insurance" for $1,000 which covered him for the entire weekend of Time Attack racing at GridLife.
    All of this can be verified by reading ViperDai's comments here,

  • Edin
    Edin  9 months ago +24

    Is that Volvo truck yours.I think you should rebuild it if it is yours.

  • Avery Winders
    Avery Winders  21 days ago +6

    They had no idea how much their shop and lives would change in less than one year. Great work guys.

  • Yashies
    Yashies  9 months ago +163

    Theres a dashcam on the mirror. See if there’s a crash video. Like so he can see

  • James Andfu
    James Andfu  4 months ago +2

    Howdy Goonzquad just wanted to say great work and thanks for the work. Glad Life of Palos channel recommended y'all.

  • korcar1994
    korcar1994  4 months ago +2

    How much did they pay for this? Does anyone know?

  • Hugh Jaynis
    Hugh Jaynis  9 months ago +5

    Man this rebuild will be tough, and expensive! Looking forward to watching you work on it, good luck. Viper is my all time favorite muscle car.

  • Sebastian Kleinod
    Sebastian Kleinod  1 months ago +5

    she turned out so beautiful.
    what a rebuild guys.

  • Old Tyme Racing
    Old Tyme Racing  9 months ago +247

    That T/A Viper is #33 it's previous owner lives in Houston,Tx. and it was wrecked this summer at the #Gridlife festival event. I have pix of it when it was towed back to the pits after it got wrecked and also more info on it if you're interested in the info. Also from talking to Viper owners they say if it's damaged on one side both sides have to be replaced something about it being a one piece body. My email is

  • Rocco N April
    Rocco N April  9 months ago +1

    You boys jump around however the heck you like. We’ll keep watching/liking/subscribing!

  • xxJINTAGxx
    xxJINTAGxx  4 months ago +2

    Hey guys how much did you guys spend for this car? You guys Rock. 🤘🏼

  • Stig’s Danish Cousin
    Stig’s Danish Cousin  9 months ago +3

    This is the first video of yours i have seen, well you now have a 600k'th sub

  • harri manni
    harri manni  8 months ago +1

    The accent is so thick that my computer speakers clogged! ;) Good work!

  • ashley alston
    ashley alston  9 months ago +121

    Hey yall. If yall need parts; shoot me a message. I know several people within the VOA (Viper Owners Association) I can find you parts very reasonably priced, especially for the Gen Vs. Welcome to the club, I've been a Viper owner since 2004.

  • The Sharp Shooters
    The Sharp Shooters  9 months ago +1

    damn ... came back after a couple months and you guys blew up!!

  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee  6 months ago +2

    You guys are killing me. I need to know costs/ prices.

  • White Fangz
    White Fangz  9 months ago +3

    I taught you will do the Lambo where is it. Broken promises bruh but still I love the video

  • Alan D
    Alan D  8 months ago +1

    Tooken and Harbor Fright? Jeeshhh.... Great work though guys! Oh, please put a cover over the Vette while you're working. : )