4-15-19 Big Bear Eagles-Mom Brings In Food For The Eaglets

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  • Published on:  Monday, April 15, 2019
  • Mom had to make a choice, stay with her eaglets and take the chance Shadow would return again without food for the eaglets or let Shadow take over brooding while she goes to look for food.
    You can see the anguish as she rises, looking at the eaglets, looking at the nest with no food for them to eat. Shadow flies in with no food, Jackie is reluctant to leave but she has mouths to feed.
    After studying the nest, Shadow takes over brooding. Mom retruns with prey and a short stand off takes place. She wants to feed the eaglets, Shadow doesn't want to get up. Mom wins out and finally gets to feed!
    Shadow is young and inexperienced in this phase of raising eaglets. Life doesn't come with an instruction manual and some things have to be learned by watching. I have faith he will catch on and be a great provider given time.


  • kkkkjjjjjeeee
    kkkkjjjjjeeee  2 days ago

    so cute eaglet

  • Lucio Mauro
    Lucio Mauro  4 months ago

    Como faço pra assistir ao vivo

  • Christina G
    Christina G  7 months ago

    Is the eagle with a little bit of dark in her feathers by the "ears" for example... Is that Jackie and full white head is Shadow??? I keep going back and forth on this.... 🤔

  • 420Country Brooke
    420Country Brooke  8 months ago

    Whoa cool food let's eat 😂

  • 420Country Brooke
    420Country Brooke  8 months ago

    So magnificent

  • Eddie R
    Eddie R  8 months ago

    There's where my carne asada went!!! I turned around and it was gone!

  • giftedsinger13
    giftedsinger13  8 months ago +2

    I loved how she remained very patient as she waited for her Mate to get up off her babies so she could feed them. And I’m also always fascinated at how gentle a powerful bird of prey like this can be with their offspring.

  • Julie H
    Julie H  8 months ago

    How come she old fed one 😐

  • Connor
    Connor  8 months ago +5

    “That better be organic, not that cheap junk you brought back last time”

  • Calibre5.7
    Calibre5.7  8 months ago

    What wver hapoen to Stormy?

  • Julie Birb
    Julie Birb  8 months ago +3

    Awesome job, Jackie. You're a wonderful mom. Love you 😘.

  • Mike OBrien
    Mike OBrien  8 months ago +1

    Lol, Even Eagle couples have arguments?

  • UTILIZE 3 EYES .•.

    He's mad like bitch where ya been?

  • aaron Salentine
    aaron Salentine  8 months ago

    Freedom one perparing to feed freedom 2 😎

  • Tim Hunold
    Tim Hunold  8 months ago

    Mom to babies "this used to be somebody's cat"

  • Joleen Spelbrink
    Joleen Spelbrink  8 months ago +2

    I'll never tire of watching these eagles take tender care of their babies!

  • joel vargas
    joel vargas  8 months ago

    America feeding the WORLD!

  • Cheryl White
    Cheryl White  9 months ago

    I wish I spoke “eagle” so I knew what they are saying to each other. yummy...dinner looks a little undercooked!

  • Olivia Rose
    Olivia Rose  9 months ago


    KILLERROBOT99  9 months ago +1


    Looking at the babies!