Stock & Chicken Noodle Soup | Basics with Babish Live

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  • Published on:  Friday, January 19, 2018
  • Every other week, cook-a-long with me on Twitch as I make the previous week's Basics with Babish episode. This is the live stream for the 6th episode: Stock & Chicken Noodle Soup. Sorry for the quality guys - streamed from a cabin in Vermont so this is the best I could do! Watch the Basics with Babish episode here: to my playlist, Bangers with Babish, while you cook: Podcasts: With Babish Website: With Babish Website:


  • Zach Digital  1 years ago

    this kitchen and video quality feels like I'm in Julia Childs' kitchen.

  • Kadeem The Dream  1 years ago

    How'd you afford vaction after throwing away 600 bucks on that every meat burrito, my boi is rolling in dough

  • Read my name  1 years ago

    What is a "Vaction"

  • Victor Moss  1 years ago

    man can spend 1k a day and still put away atleast 90k a year to his retirement

  • GamesWithHannah  1 years ago

    You gotta do something from the anime FoodWars! All the recipes are batshit but apparently delicious, I wanna see if you can pull that off

  • GameSledGun  1 years ago

    This has to happen!!!!!!!

  • shane  1 years ago

    You should call the livestreams Broadcasting with Babish!

  • Emily Z  1 years ago

    You should print some BWB shirts that say "I'm 'fond' of Seattle, but I've never been there."Or like, a whole series of "fond" shirts. "Fond of Cross-sections"No, that's not funny. But I think I'm on to something.

  • never more  1 years ago

    aggressively butter

  • Paul Tandy  1 years ago

    Or a shirt that just says "parchment-lined baking sheet"

  • EvanG YT  1 years ago

    Why tf didn't I get notified for this

  • EvanG YT  1 years ago

    Lil_Ray 805 thanks I'll follow him on twitch

  • Lil_Ray 805  1 years ago

    Ducktacular Animations cuz he streamed on twitch

  • ronnoc519  1 years ago

    What about that rabbit and potato stew from Lord of the Rings?

  • Lal Talay  1 years ago

    Not sure if you would jump the anime train but Food Wars have some very good content with detailed recipes. Would love to see that!

  • Patrick Carroll  1 years ago

    Maybe for the live streams you could consider a more open camera frame to include above your shoulders? It drags on a but when you can't see a face. Just a thought, love your videos all the same!

  • Randee Brandt  1 years ago


  • Magical Michael  1 years ago

    Paul Tandy do you really think that if we saw his face, we would not be able to focus on the food?

  • Aaron Greenfield  1 years ago

    Can you do the peanut butter sandwich from War of the Worlds,

  • RX 55  1 years ago

    my pfp lol

  • Cool guy  1 years ago

    wut da