Samsung Galaxy S9 Review: The Perfect... Samsung!

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  • Published on:  Monday, March 19, 2018
  • Spoiler alert: There's still a Bixby button.Galaxy S9+ skins: video on the blood pressure sensor: Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.comVideo Gear I use: I'm using right now: Track: That Good Ship by Alltta~ provided by Samsung for review.


  • Ehsan khan
    Ehsan khan  6 months ago +1333

    Who is here after the s10 🤔

  • Loretta Toombs
    Loretta Toombs  8 months ago +1696

    I just bought the S9 yesterday. I must say I absolutely love my phone. I just gave up my iphone6

  • Divine Zeal
    Divine Zeal  9 months ago +997

    S7 gang, thinkin bout 9+

  • Сука Ебать
    Сука Ебать  8 months ago +774

    It's sad that we have to celebrate when a flagship company puts a headphone jack in their phone. 😑

  • Adipta Wahyu Ferdiansyah
    Adipta Wahyu Ferdiansyah  a years ago +7263

    I need to say this. Headphone jack, still useful for me.

  • the positive
    the positive  5 months ago +104

    This is how many people thinks that the headphone jack is still useful

  • Cynicals Chills
    Cynicals Chills  7 months ago +256

    I'm just waiting for Apple to remove the camera just like they did with audio jack 😂

  • Tony Le
    Tony Le  5 months ago +126

    When you have fun with friends but realize you forgot to do your homework.

  • Billy O Brien
    Billy O Brien  4 months ago +78

    Thinking of making a switch from Iphone 7 to S9....
    EDIT I bought an S9 and it was a great decision 21/4/19

  • Zenobia hill
    Zenobia hill  8 months ago +109

    TBH on this note I really don't care about the likes. But I do appreciate all videos and after reading majority of the comments. I have decided to switch from iPhone to Android. iPhones are way too expensive & as you grow older you realize a phone is a phone. But the s9 seems decent. 👌

  • Jad Yassine
    Jad Yassine  2 months ago +71

    Watched this maybe 10 times before making my purchase decision yesterday. And, I'm a Galaxy S9+ owner now!

  • MeyoMix
    MeyoMix  4 months ago +113

    id say now is about the time to get a galaxy s9. only $500 on bestbuy
    Update: I got an s10 lul

  • Elias Garcia Jr.
    Elias Garcia Jr.  3 days ago +2

    switched from s9 plus to Oneplus7 pro, still not sure if i did the right choice cause i loved the One UI and there was never anything wrong with it

  • adam young X
    adam young X  a years ago +944

    Finally! I can now afford s8

  • Sky Diver
    Sky Diver  yesterday

    woah! what an awesome in depth review Subscribed
    i was looking for a new phone to upgrade from my iPhone 4...yeah...i had that thing for about 8 years...but the thing still worked...anyway, was thinking between huawei p20 pro and Samsung s9...and i made my mind, thanks you to :3 Samsung S9 it is ^^

  • Taimur thebest
    Taimur thebest  6 months ago +55

    Ooh that's hot. That's hot.

  • Kaya Roed
    Kaya Roed  7 months ago +38

    I just switched from having had iPhone since 4s and up to 7. Now I have Samsung galaxy s9 and I'm in love 😍

  • Cynicals Chills
    Cynicals Chills  7 months ago +103

    Toxic American kids are iPhone goons

  • ShB
    ShB  a years ago +1464

    MKBHD's 999th video is about S9, sheer coincidence !

  • Darren Asuncion
    Darren Asuncion  3 months ago +3

    I'm sure it's been said before, but this s9 review compared to the s8 review is shot in a very similar perspective. LOVE the detail in that, so clever!