What it's Like to be a Line Cook at a Top-Rated NYC Restaurant | Bon Appétit

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  • Published on:  Friday, March 2, 2018
  • A day in the life of Nana Wilmot, one of 1.6 million line cooks working in America's restaurants.

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    What it's Like to be a Line Cook at a Top-Rated NYC Restaurant | Bon Appétit


  • Gbroful
    Gbroful  16 hours ago

    $15/hr for stressful, fast-paced work and a server gets the tip for opening a bottle of wine.

    NIKKI HARRIS  20 hours ago

    You go girl! You gonna do everything you want to do in life🙏🏿God bless you🤗

  • HIVE777
    HIVE777  yesterday

    It didn’t say SHE made that much and I highly doubt she makes that amount. She gets paid more for sure. The cost of living in New York is expensive. And the video said on average the pay is 12-15.

  • HIVE777
    HIVE777  yesterday

    3:33 the executive chef just works in a t shirt and everyone else wears professional attire.... wow.... talk about pompous and a show of indifference

  • barondorado
    barondorado  4 days ago

    If she doesn't like $15 an hour, she can quit? She's free to find a better job. Comment section is full of idiots

  • Chhean Ban
    Chhean Ban  4 days ago

    Who here goes in the walk in just to scream after a busy shift ? Or is it just me?

  • Ben Ross
    Ben Ross  5 days ago

    I love her

  • Juliette Wahl
    Juliette Wahl  5 days ago +1

    I make 15$ doing customer service for Avis she needs at least 20$ wtf

  • Jsalcedo23
    Jsalcedo23  5 days ago

    That pay is disgusting. When I started at Costco as an expeditor in the food court the pay was $15.
    I mean yeah it’s really fast paced in there but it’s definitely not fine dining lol

    ALEKXXK  7 days ago


  • Jessica Rey
    Jessica Rey  7 days ago

    Wow what an incredible woman. Graceful in the kitchen, well spoken and very inspiring. Wish we could follow her. Amazing things to come for her

  • Mary Margaret Donegan

    Worst part is that the server there is making more then her...

  • Hunter Shannon
    Hunter Shannon  7 days ago

    absolutely love her honesty and heart.

  • phackdaphish
    phackdaphish  7 days ago

    Wonderful video! Seeing a female black woman as a line cook was amazing to see because seeing her can inspire other women and of other ethnicities to reach for their dreams! I also noticed when she questioned how can a woman be a mother and be a great chef was a bit sad. People think that we (women) can have it all but we can't. We have to choose.

  • IMainKaiSa
    IMainKaiSa  7 days ago

    3:28 shes never been to the south

  • Red Unicorn
    Red Unicorn  7 days ago

    Three stars from the New York times is nice but the only ones that truly count are the Michelin ones

  • TippRapidd
    TippRapidd  7 days ago

    Line cooks at $$$ italian restourant in ny where I work get around 1200 a week idk what is she talking about 15$/hour cuz I know them mfers dont work no 80 hours

  • Matthew Luciew
    Matthew Luciew  21 days ago

    Was very interested in watching but after she started talking about race that's when you lost me . Have a great day

  • John Osborne
    John Osborne  21 days ago

    I wanted to know what it’s like working in a nice kitchen... not get a virtue signaling lecture about how cooks make less.

  • SloppeyJoe 6D9
    SloppeyJoe 6D9  21 days ago

    15 dollars is less than two dollars over minimum wage.