What it's Like to be a Line Cook at a Top-Rated NYC Restaurant | Bon Appétit



  • We're All Thieves  (Mar 2, 2018))

    She seems like a great person. I hope she feels that fulfillment one day.

  • Nuffins McDindu  (Sep 6, 2018))

    I get paid 15/h linecook at a non stressful job lol, she better be atleast 20minimum.

  • Victor Wang  (Jul 26, 2018))

    Such a joke I mean

  • LA Fresh Life  (Mar 2, 2018))

    Wow! So much passion for $15 an hour.

  • UniqueZ  (Feb 26, 2019))

    It's TRUE I make 10$ and hour but I love to cook

  • stormbob  (Mar 2, 2018))

    $15/hr for the second-highest line position in a fine dining restaurant in NYC is an insult. Hell, minimum wage for a business that size in NYC is $13. The Le Coucou management should be ashamed.

  • Omarni Karnley Jarbie  (Mar 2, 2019))

    Its $15

  • Treyola The crayola  (Mar 2, 2018))

    She’s a damn badass. I hope she’s able to get her restaurant

  • jpnm81  (Mar 2, 2018))

    over worked under paid never appreciated, why I had to find a better paying job.

  • Moonturns Thetides  (Jan 30, 2019))

    The Village Hidden In The Hood I recommend you get a job in a restaurant before you commit.

  • Chris M  (Dec 26, 2018))

    Thats how it is everywhere. Im a Firefighter/Paramedic and I work over 120 hours a week and make $10/hour.

  • Curran Leeds  (Mar 2, 2018))

    I wish Bon Appétit would make more videos like this. Bringing the viewer into the life of those cooking professionally. From a real perspective. Maybe one video is a food truck owner and the hardships they face, or a culinary student going through school, or a another line cook at a different restaurant. Something to bring the realness of the industry to the masses. Brad is great and all, but people should see how it really is.

  • Sela Lewis  (Oct 2, 2018))

    Curran Leeds Agreed.

  • DiscountPotato  (Mar 2, 2018))

    I really like this video. I would so want see a series based on line cooks from different restaurants.

  • Mr305Maxxx  (Dec 11, 2018))

    +DigitalSciGuy Babies born into generational families were simply fortunate, that's all. Dont blame them & don't Chef's Table is amazing & well worth binge watching.

  • Ahmz zino  (Jul 27, 2018))

    DiscountPotato. yes that's exactly what I was thinking.

  • Achy ka  (Mar 2, 2018))

    She works in a restaurant like that but still isn't paid enough to cover her rent sometimes ? thats wack. I hope she gets her own restaurant one day

  • Kevon Thomas  (Mar 20, 2018))

    Achy ka $15x40hrs=$600 a week160hrs a month =$2,400$2,400x12= $28,800. This is your salary for the year.and you not even looking at tax deductions yet.👈👀

  • cough pillbox  (Mar 4, 2018))

    Knoxus99 california here, can confirm

  • wilakt4fud  (Mar 2, 2018))

    Guts and talent. Hats off, Nana— and to all of you. From Michelin starred down to Waffle House, thanks for what you do.

  • Jack Bauman  (Jul 24, 2018))

    wilakt4fud this is the most thanks I’ve gotten as a line cook. Thanks stranger!

  • Stacey Kannedy  (Jun 30, 2018))

    Thank you. Super awesome to see.Weneed more people like you in the world.

  • Supreme Bape  (Mar 3, 2018))

    15 bucks a hour while a typical date there cost about 200 bucks.... you know a restaurant is expensive as hell when its $$$$ on yelp. They should pay them a lil more

  • jinny8801  (Oct 4, 2018))

    and that's why everyone is leaving lol

  • LiqurMeUp  (Oct 1, 2018))

    Its an internship, the skills she is learning are extremely valuable. That's how fine dinning kitchens work.