When X Factor Auditions Get FLIRTY! | X Factor Global

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  • Published on:  Wednesday, April 25, 2018
  • It's getting HOT in here! Whether it's contestants flirting with their favourite judges, or judges with an eye for attractive contestants... or even just acts who love to flash some flesh!
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  • keyia
    keyia  3 hours ago +1

    This video is so cringey.. it's so hard to watch but I can't look away 😬

  • keyia
    keyia  3 hours ago +1

    I actually didn't like the seconds guy voice 👀 Am I really alone on that??

  • keyia
    keyia  3 hours ago +1

    The first woman 🤦🏾‍♀️ I've never been so embarrassed for sonebody else in my whole LIFE!!!

    AAASTUFF  4 hours ago +1

    Simon put $50 bucks down her pants later that night🤗

  • Ruby Thieu
    Ruby Thieu  4 hours ago +1

    31:16 the last lady, if u listen with english caption us says when my youtube heart lol

  • 1546199Thebest ___

    Captions says ass even though it was supposed to be Abs lol

  • 1000 subs without any video challenge

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Simon: we dont have time machines

  • Caspian beats
    Caspian beats  10 hours ago

    The second one is so gay

  • DeMiZe_Addict
    DeMiZe_Addict  11 hours ago +1

    Britney and demi are jealous cough cough (not trying to copy any comments its just my opinion)

  • Chelsea Twidale
    Chelsea Twidale  11 hours ago

    Anyone else click on this because they saw Deano from ibiza weekender lmao

  • Dania
    Dania  18 hours ago

    Dude in the band at 14:35 played in Game Of Thrones ,it's Staz Nair

  • Tayyeb
    Tayyeb  20 hours ago

    23:25, what a voice!!!

  • Katie Kapileo
    Katie Kapileo  20 hours ago

    The audience cheered as that 3rd guy walked on the stage😆

  • Hen Vie
    Hen Vie  yesterday

    13:15 original: youre not supposed to make me blush.

    caption: making me black.

  • NICK mejia :v
    NICK mejia :v  yesterday +1

    Dang 9:13
    I like this vid now

  • D Goldstein
    D Goldstein  yesterday

    Why do British peeps have the worst teeth? Don't they have something called Dentists?

  • Jhon cris
    Jhon cris  yesterday

    30:43 Simons reaction was great.

  • crnylous
    crnylous  2 days ago

    fudge i keep getting grammarly ads

  • tenzin tsephel
    tenzin tsephel  2 days ago

    The subtitles in this clip is hilarious...judges said abs not ass...hahahah

  • Chaitali Ghosh
    Chaitali Ghosh  2 days ago +1

    When the third guy said he has a son all girls were so disappointed.