10 Years of iPhones | iJustine

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, January 10, 2017
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  • iJustine
    iJustine  2 years ago +6726

    sorry, that first shot was from a few days ago.. meant to type 2017 not 2007 lol

  • Jenna Ezarik
    Jenna Ezarik  2 years ago +3350

    10 years of shattered screens

  • Pink Blossom968
    Pink Blossom968  a years ago +379

    In Justine's younger days she looked like Zoey from Zoey 101. Who agrees with me! I KNOW I DO!!!

  • Fresh Nachos
    Fresh Nachos  a years ago +414

    It’s so funny how everyone was exited about the iPhone 3GS and then there is the iPhone X

  • Shirrinツ
    Shirrinツ  a years ago +311

    Looking back at the first iPhone and seeing everyone soooo excited to get it but....... now we have the iPhone 8😂

  • Jaden Reyna
    Jaden Reyna  a years ago +116

    Are you growing older or younger?

  • Khouloud Kdc
    Khouloud Kdc  2 years ago +1323

    all i can notice is your eyebrows revolution 😩❣️😩❣️

  • Tekayla Young
    Tekayla Young  a years ago +109

    You looked like brittney Spears lol

  • Lucas sucks At Fortnite
    Lucas sucks At Fortnite  8 months ago +50

    Who remembers the home home button 😂😂😂lol😂😂😂

  • Ben Cowan
    Ben Cowan  a years ago +240

    Wow. I remember in 2007 when my dad got his first iPhone 3GS... then he dropped it down the toilet.

  • Just Kaden
    Just Kaden  a years ago +67


  • shabnam mahmood
    shabnam mahmood  a years ago +81

    1925: Our future is gonna be wonderful! Flying cars, time machines, etc....
    2017: IPHONE X. Uh your future wasn't the best to predict :DDD

  • Shilowfa
    Shilowfa  a years ago +18

    The evolution of her eyebrows had me shook

  • Mattheus
    Mattheus  a years ago +47

    Them eyebrows lolololololololololololololololololololololololololololololol

  • The Life Of Molly Elise
    The Life Of Molly Elise  5 months ago +11

    In the video when you said”hey Siri” all of my apple devices went crazy

  • The Digital Symphony
    The Digital Symphony  2 years ago +377

    My gosh, the woman hasn't aged from 2011 and onward.

  • tommy bakes
    tommy bakes  4 months ago +8

    2017: apple gets rid of home button
    2117: apple gets rid of lock screen

  • Livia
    Livia  a years ago +24

    I was born in 2006 on the 3rd of November and the first iPhone came out in 2007 , and the iPhone X came out one 3rd of November 2017. WAHAGHHGAHAHAHSASHU

  • Heidy Velazquez
    Heidy Velazquez  7 days ago +1

    2019: "Oh, I found my old iPhone, it's nothing compared to the XR"
    We've come a long way with iPhones

    SARA VERNON  1 months ago +1

    1856 : in the future there will be 1 smartphone
    2000 - 2019 : apple here people