David Walliams all CRAZY Golden Buzzer Auditions Britain's Got Talent New Update

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  • Published on:  Tuesday, May 8, 2018
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  • Emily’s Wonderful world
    Emily’s Wonderful world  11 months ago +845

    If your favourite judge is not David Williams you are not human.

  • Im a weirdo Hh
    Im a weirdo Hh  11 months ago +1060

    “It’s not just about the voice Simon, it’s about the personality as well” Preach David preach !!!

    BEES AND TOAST  11 months ago +1197

    I like David. He believes in the weirdos, the losers, the underdogs who don't have a chance in hell. But he still wants to give them their moment of victory (if they are earnest in their weirdness) so they can tell all their friends and family "I got a golden buzzer!"

  • beqrhugs
    beqrhugs  11 months ago +609

    David is literally a living mood. My friends be like, ‘my mood is happy, my mood is annoyed’ and I’m just like ‘my mood is fricking David Walliams’

  • diggism
    diggism  8 months ago +50

    with golden buzzers like these, sometimes I'm suprised Simon hasn't fire David LOL

  • Darshana Fernando
    Darshana Fernando  a years ago +257

    He is very big heart person when every other 3 judges in one side he always listen to his heart and press the golden buzzer

  • iMuhammad Siam
    iMuhammad Siam  2 months ago +16

    David: NOO
    Smashes Buzzer
    Simon: NOOOO
    David: YESSSS

  • Hanna Conger
    Hanna Conger  a years ago +413

    I love how David always glares at people who push the red buzzer when he likes the act

  • Confie McFeather
    Confie McFeather  11 months ago +178

    I liked how Christian kept a cool face while they all pressers the red buzzers.
    He was like, okay but I know I’ll get the golden buzzer😏😏

  • Lauren
    Lauren  a years ago +118

    I love how Simon always looks so done with David HAHAHAHA

  • mclane
    mclane  10 months ago +77

    Without David a whole thing would be kind of boring... Thank you so much David :) you know what is fun & entertainment :)

  • Avery
    Avery  a years ago +160

    "Met on Wednesday and got married the following Saturday!"

  • Glorious Gamer Girl
    Glorious Gamer Girl  11 months ago +172

    U know David has a lot of crazy golden buzzers when there is a twenty five minute long video all about it lol

  • Fifa Best
    Fifa Best  10 months ago +35

    This is why i prefer Britain got talent to America got talent

  • Brielle And Yori
    Brielle And Yori  a years ago +310

    Simon is the grumpy judge and David is the HILARIOURS JUDGE XDDDDDD LOLOLOLOLOL 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡

  • Rafael Monteiro
    Rafael Monteiro  11 months ago +52

    For David good heart is also a talent

  • Biegel Belmondo
    Biegel Belmondo  a years ago +1253

    " Its not just about the voice, Simon. Its about personality as well"

  • Ava Doyle
    Ava Doyle  10 months ago +82

    the crumble lady is my spirit animal, I actually started singing it in the middle of class, I sounded like I was choking on crumble.
    EvErrYyYoNE iS g0oD at CoOkING SOmEtHing, wELl iM go0d at coOkInG cRuMblE

  • junglegal chaka
    junglegal chaka  a years ago +80

    l like Simon's reactions to David Golden buzzer

  • Mariam Abdalazeez
    Mariam Abdalazeez  11 months ago +48

    I love how when Donchez auditioned Simon didn’t go to the stage but the stage came to him.😂😂😂