Stunt Driving Battle | Dude Perfect

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  • Published on:  Monday, May 1, 2017
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  • Will It Break !
    Will It Break !  2 years ago +1752

    I hope Dude Perfect never breaks up the team like if you agree

  • Rem Liana
    Rem Liana  1 months ago +685

    If anybody watching this in 2019 july like

  • Ryan Lawrence
    Ryan Lawrence  4 months ago +301

    Umm.... Cory should have been DSQ, that wasnt parallel parking

  • blubby 200
    blubby 200  2 days ago +2

    The race was unfair to Coby he started on the outside and Garret started on the inside so he got a head start

  • Brody Chafin
    Brody Chafin  4 months ago +73

    Tyler’s parallel park was actually impressive

  • Guava Juice
    Guava Juice  2 years ago +2375

    I would've crashed the car

  • Alexis Rissler
    Alexis Rissler  2 months ago +158

    Who else is watching 2 years later, in 2019???

  • Lily’s Era
    Lily’s Era  3 days ago +2

    Who else is team purple Hosser?

  • Brendan Wilson
    Brendan Wilson  2 months ago +28

    Ok, they said this is the 2017 stunt driving champion but, they didn’t do one for 2018 or 2019

  • Ahsan Tousif
    Ahsan Tousif  yesterday +1

    You dudes are best love from pakistan

  • Lindsey Daniels
    Lindsey Daniels  2 months ago +40

    Love you purple hoaser nice win

  • Never Down37
    Never Down37  3 months ago +15

    4:50 when you are too tall to face challenges in life
    It should start from 4:55

  • Grimm boi
    Grimm boi  7 days ago +2

    The finale is like Mario kart but dude perfect style

  • Azlan Mirza
    Azlan Mirza  2 months ago +20

    Uhhhhh... thanks guys
    - Garret Hilbert

  • Matthew Wolf
    Matthew Wolf  2 years ago +543

    You should do a Lazer tag challenge. Like if you agree

  • Andrea Feng
    Andrea Feng  1 months ago +60

    7:07 who else saw Garrett blocks Ty from breaking forward 😂😂 sneaky purple hoser

  • Colten Nowak
    Colten Nowak  1 months ago +12

    “2 cones and a Cadillac”

  • Garrett Eldred
    Garrett Eldred  7 days ago +1

    That's a Ford Fiesta, FWD and less than 300 hp
    How the heck did you manage to drift that?

  • Ryan Nicholas Holzken
    Ryan Nicholas Holzken  21 days ago +5

    5:44 did anyone we the person runing in the background

  • Adrian G
    Adrian G  2 years ago +3369

    I have an idea for a new series. Anyone can send in their best trick shots and Dude Perfect has to re-create them. Like if you want this to be a series so that Dude Perfect will see this comment.