Avengers Endgame Ending Explained

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  • Published on:  Thursday, April 25, 2019
  • Ever since the ending of Avengers: Infinity War, we have been waiting for this exact moment! And finally, the day has come and we finally have seen Avengers: Endgame and... well its ending. If the ending of Endgame (try saying that 10 times) has left you confused or with more questions than answers, then let us clear the air for you! What did you think of the ending of Endgame? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • WatchMojo.com
    WatchMojo.com  4 months ago +3000

    Not only are there spoilers in this video, there probably will be spoilers in the comments below. Scroll down at your own risk. Then again, if you're afraid of spoilers, why did you click????


  • B- Y
    B- Y  yesterday

    *This is likely the last time you will see the OG six avengers with each other

  • emperor palpatine

    It shot mcu is star wars of this generation

  • Ticamo77
    Ticamo77  21 days ago

    Did you get when Iron Man, during the battle, stopped Dr. Strange with the question "1 in 14 million. Is this it?" And Strange nods, causing Tony's heart to throb louder for a few beats. Foreshadowing at its finest. 👍

  • Ryoko
    Ryoko  21 days ago

    Damn it! This didn't explain the ONE thing I was confused about!
    If changing the past doesn't change the present, but rather gives us an alternate reality, how did Steve change the present? 'Cause he definitely ended up in our present and not an alternate reality. I mean, it looks like he erased the life Peggy had with her husband and children, right? Anybody know the answer?

  • Darren Frey
    Darren Frey  21 days ago

    I know Tony Stark died because Robert Downey Junior's contract ran out, but realistically he didn't have to. When Thanos knocked him away and Tony took the gauntlet with him, Thanos was completely open, surrounded by superheroes with abilities with the drop on him and where they could have laid him to waste right then and there without Tony having to do a damn thing. And while we are on the subject, are we just going to ignore the fact that the Hulk was barely able to wield it, but Tony, with a metal suit or not, was able to hold it long enough to look up in pain and then say his little thing and then snap his fingers and then lie there all fucked up from the radiation, but still alive for a moment. Let's just totally ignore the fact that any of that happened..

  • The Samuel Show
    The Samuel Show  1 months ago

    Not ironman he is a legend

  • Rylan Storm
    Rylan Storm  1 months ago

    5 years passes. Everyone at Peter's school...still the same age.

  • Tony Montana
    Tony Montana  1 months ago

    Endgame was shit

  • Martin W
    Martin W  1 months ago

    My family and I finally saw this film on the big screen and were not disappointed! No wonder WatchMojo has so many videos regarding Endgame. Note - the trolls our out on full force at IMDb.....so many 1/10 ratings!

  • rockzs74r
    rockzs74r  1 months ago

    I felt like the people that still need to watch this kind of video didn't even watch the movie

  • Bingo Jango
    Bingo Jango  1 months ago

    Endgame the Day Marvel Died :(

  • Liam Chucks
    Liam Chucks  1 months ago

    Avengers endgame and spiderman 3 ending. 😁

  • Rosegold Beats
    Rosegold Beats  1 months ago

    if all stones went back to their places, why didnt vision show in the movie?

  • Asiatiko
    Asiatiko  1 months ago

    Five years later, no one questions Peter’s disappearance and Ned is still in high school

  • Alif Wahyu
    Alif Wahyu  2 months ago

    My theory is

    After bringing back all the stones, Capt back to 1945 with Peggy
    He never used the Time GPS again to return to 2023
    He comes in person ..
    Thats why he is not showed up at the Time Tunnel
    Instead he already sit down aside the river ..

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith  2 months ago

    Why is marvel movies more fun to watch but has the worst writers on planet. Lol dr strange can single handedly make these movies pointless if I had dr strangers powers I would take any bad guy as a baby teleport them onto the sun game over or phase them a mile down in dirt and make their genes intertwined with solid rock mass as they become 1 with earth and literally separated into millions of bio atoms mixed with solid mass is the baby to powerful go back further in Time and end the weakest branch of bad guys family tree. Dr strange is way to over powered to be an avenger hulk is way to over powered to be an avenger unless you dumb him down but a genius with unlimited strength OP. Hulk having a performance issues bad writing all hero’s able to match up and brawl semi fairly bad writing adding current politics into movies like equal rights and other lame hidden agendas is intentionally bad writing letting Disney have in play or power in hero movies is bad choice

  • Dhias Games
    Dhias Games  2 months ago

    Try to listen this phenomenal "I love you 3000" song https://youtu.be/cPkE0IbDVs4

  • Normie
    Normie  2 months ago

    The ending is not that complicated, it explains itself, it does not need an explanation

  • Akshit Guleria
    Akshit Guleria  2 months ago

    Avengers Endgame : I am inevitable!
    Avatar : And I...Am the Avatar...