Them Trumps - SNL

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  • Published on:  Saturday, December 8, 2018


  • racoonzattack
    racoonzattack  8 months ago +1130

    Wow! This is basically saying if a black president was accused of half the things Trump did he’d be arrested and impeached faster than Trump can say collusion.

  • mrTrueSky
    mrTrueSky  8 months ago +400

    "Even though I may be black..."
    "You're under arrest."
    "Even though I'm black..."
    "You've been impeached."

  • Lamar Morris
    Lamar Morris  8 months ago +1867

    People seem to miss the point as to why this skit could not be longer. It's because if Trump was black he would not get away with 0.0000000001% of the same crap. So the length of the skit lends to the of the joke.

  • εdψ αηdrαdε
    εdψ αηdrαdε  8 months ago +2642

    "L'evanka..." omg... 🤣😂😅

  • yapdog
    yapdog  8 months ago +832

    Is it just me, or does L'evanka actually really look like a Black Ivanka?

  • Stefano Gomez
    Stefano Gomez  8 months ago +172

    I’m dying 😂👌🏻

  • mspenney3
    mspenney3  8 months ago +252

    lmao every time he says he's black the episode is over cause they prosecute him. We need another episode of this show. I'm crying in here.

  • Doll Parts
    Doll Parts  8 months ago +1754

    Trump is a great example of White Privilege. If Obama had three baby mamas and tacky bathrooms made of gold like Trump has, he would have never became President. Whites are always given the "benefit of the doubt" .

  • BigSky Pioneer
    BigSky Pioneer  8 months ago +350

    OMG!!!! I was laughing so hard my stomach was hurting. PLEASE SNL make this a re-occurring series!!!!!!!!!! This is THE BEST !!!!

  • kikiwest2001
    kikiwest2001  8 months ago +435

    This is literally Trump. There's no exaggerations at all. The man does have kids by multiple women, bankruptcies, shady business deals. If this was Obama, he never would've won the party nomination. Proof that some people will overlook a person circumstances just because of his complexion.

  • earlene wallace
    earlene wallace  8 months ago +32

    "Freeze Trump!!!" Yep, that REALLY sounds about right.

  • mata sabine fonderson
    mata sabine fonderson  8 months ago +26

    ‘...that sounds about right...’
    ‘...yeah I was waiting on that..’ 🤣😂😅

  • Phil HD
    Phil HD  8 months ago +72

    The white version of Kanye would be Kid Rock.

  • David Holzer
    David Holzer  8 months ago +60

    why does everyone have to take things so personal. It's comedy sketch and it's pretty funny imo

  • MyNameIsCorey
    MyNameIsCorey  8 months ago +207

    If Trump were blk he'd be labeled a thug

  • leatherjacket9
    leatherjacket9  8 months ago +197

    This is super hilarious and points out the obvious biased racism in America. If Obama or any black man as president has done all the things Trump has... There is no way he would still be president right now.

  • Cottril
    Cottril  8 months ago +977

    The sudden credits were so good haha.

  • Eddie Dexter Stewart
    Eddie Dexter Stewart  8 months ago +11

    DT: "They can't lock me up. Even though I may be black --"
    FBI: "Freeze, Trump! You're under arrest!"
    DT: "Yup! That sounds about right!"

  • J. Will
    J. Will  8 months ago +45

    When the skit 1st started I thought it was going to be bad, but I ended up loving it. It was hysterical. Keenan is under appreciated.

  • bruce lau
    bruce lau  8 months ago +65

    Le’Vanka seriously LMAO